SoD Rogue Rune - Ba'So Bug (locked out of rune)

As a rogue you are able to pick pocket a letter to Ba’So, a new NPC. He awards the Mutilate rune for your efforts.

When I turned in the quest, he awarded an earthroot, which then put me at full inventory, so the following rune was not awarded. I have been pick pocketing Burning Blade Thugs for a while and no note drop.

It looks like you are completely locked out of this rune if inventory became full upon completion.


Had the same issue just now, looks like it wasnt fixed

same issue hope its fixed soon

I had a similar issue with the arcane blast rune. Very disappointing we can’t reset it or something like that.

I also had the same issue - turned it in and had a full inventory, no rune, no recourse. I trekked over to Tirisfal to do the Undead version (pickpocket / forge letters), and I was able to get it there! Whew!

So it seems like doing one rune doesn’t immediately lock you out of getting it a different way. Good luck!

Same issue here, for me it was the Shiv Rune. did the kneel and everything but had a full inventory at the time, said inventory was full and couldn’t kneel again to try to receive it a second time. =/

I’m still having this problem with my lone wolf rune

I’m having issues with the mutilate rune. Will not drop from in Dun Murough. Spent over an hour killing them. Went to human starting area and got Cuttys note. But Cutty is not where he is supposed to be.

I have had trouble getting the Rune of Deadly Brew. The quest starts with an email, so ther is no way to abandon the quest and start over. Putting in a ticket does not work at all because none of the suggestions address the issue.

I did the whole quest and obtained the Horn of Xelthos and took it to the chest as directed. Was supposed to get an in game mail to direct me to collect it from the chest. No mail has arrived except for AH stuff.

I cannot even do a ticket. This is not acceptable Blizzard.

i have same issues about not recieving mail after hand out the Horn of Xelthos