[SOD] Lock Soul Vessel Quest

The guy to complete the quest for soul vessel is just never there.

I too initially had issues finding Raszel to turn in the soul vessel as he wasn’t appearing in his spot. Finally he was randomly there one day.

I turned in Soul Vessel and picked up the follow up Tempting Fate, but I was too low to solo the dreadlord. Upon going back to the location you turn the soul vessel to everyone was gone.

I abandoned per the ticket advice I put in but the NPCs never returned, there is currently no way to pick up this quest and complete it.

So when I originally had my soul vessel quest Raszel wasn’t in the Desolace location like he was supposed to be. After a few days of waiting around the area questing I noticed he was there, turned in my soul vessel and picked up the follow up quest
“Tempting Fate”
Well I wasn’t high enough level to solo the dreadlord so I thought I would come back.

Come back days later and all the NPCs are gone. I get tired of this so I put in a ticket and get the automated “Abandon the quest and pick it up again”

So I abandon the quest and lo and behold… no NPCs appear to pick it back up.

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Linking all the similar posts to this from the other US and EU wow forums because the GM ticket just told me it’s not a known issue despite the fact there are posts from 10/7/5 days ago about Raszel and his vanishing acts.

EDIT: Just to put them all in one place

This one from EU
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Another found here from US
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Mine from the other thread
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I consolidated these threads since it’s the same core issue; I have a bug in now, and we’re working on it.

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It’s not just soul vessel quest like the title says though, it’s also the follow up tempting fate, but thank you so much.

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I made sure to note that both quests are impacted, but thanks for pointing that out in case I had missed it! I almost missed Soul Vessel actually. :sweat_smile:

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lol no problem! Thank you again!

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This should be fixed for both Soul Vessel and Tempting Fate now. You may have to leave the area and head back in to pick up the update, though.

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Thank you, was finally able to get the rune!

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I just did the Tempting Fate quest downed the elite and I can’t turn the quest in. The NPC is standing there but no quest turn in option.

That’s a little odd; nothing that we did for the phasing here should impact that. What happens if you go back to Doan’s camp in the Barrens? Can you turn it in to him there? The Doan that’s there should also accept the quest.

Yes the quest is able to be turned in at the Doan’s camp in the Barrens. Thank you! Oh my name changed on here for some reason. I am the original posting you answered.

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