SoD is not classic. So Andy's everywhere. SHUT IT

No you just thought it was. They never said it would lose its grindy nature. They keep doubling down on it in dev interviews.

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You mean 2 new raids. 2 new pvp events. Don’t forget runes from new rares. Runes with quest lines that didn’t exist. Sleeping bag quest that didn’t exist…

New gear that didn’t exist.
New recipes that never existed.

Soon to be even more stuff that never existed in “classic”.

It’s not era, but it most certainly falls under classic.

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They sent out a survey yesterday asking if people want Mythic dungeons in SoD. :man_facepalming:

I was digging what they were doing, but I take it all back. That they would even consider this is amazing. It’s going to crash and burn. They really don’t want casual players. Every time they’ve pushed this e-sport nonsense, it’s been a disaster. Like SoD players needed even more reasons to be toxic tryhards. :roll_eyes:

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i hope they add retail graphics in this version. As a ranged hunter in BiS doing barely over a frost mage wearing greens in pve content, i got bored yesterday and made a hunter in retail…

WoW… the graphics are frigging amazing not to mention how OP a hunter feels in that version

Yes it is.

Sod is not vanilla neither is classic. A vanilla server would not be flooded with +dmg greens.
A nice season would be a return to that, imagine actually having to cc mobs.

i always cc mobs with ice trap only to have a fire power hungry mage slap a fire dot on it or a over beserking aoe paladin got smash it to bits

Those were the peeps who got kicked in vanilla. I mained a lock back then and would have to seduce 1 mob and fear kite another with reck. Especially on that big pull before drak in ubrs. Now adays people just burn everything super fast.

no this is classic wow with runes. its classic. with runes. get over it.

This basically just reads that you never played OG Classic or EQ while current. People leaving EQ for WoW were already mad af about PoP adding a ton of QoL to EQ.



that’s gonna be dope

The previous raids and pvp events are old news and even then 95% of the game is unchanged

Soooooo because it’s not classic it’s ok to have extreme pvp imbalance? What’s your point exactly? Do you know? No, you don’t. Leave things overpowered because it’s not classic. Derp.
Other people pay for a service too, not just your parents. Having 1 class able truck everything, and yet be faction specific is a recipe for disaster. Alliance have no answer for shamans. It’s ruining pvp, and some people want something to do outside of farming gold and spamming a 3 day lockout.

I agree with the sentiment…

But I don’t agree with the basis for it.

dragon flight was classic with sooo much more too

Leveling an irrelevant tutorial, homogenized classes, automated group and raid finders, multiple difficulties, no attunements, gold and professions worthless, homogenized stats, lack of class quests, lack of really any rpg and mmo elements whatsoever.

Yeah, real classic+ /s

Thanks for the laugh.

SoD is classic though… look at what forum you are posting in :expressionless: