[SoD] Fingers of Frost and Frostbite share the same proc%/RNG roll

The Fingers of Frost rune only procs when the Frostbite mage talent procs, meaning they have a shared roll for their respective effects. This makes Fingers of Frost (an already undertuned Rune) even worse, because it makes your next 2 spells behave as if the target is frozen, but they will always be frozen since Fingers of Frost only procs when Frostbite does, which freezes the target.

Also it would be cool if Frost Mages in general got some damage buffs. Currently with good spell power gear equipped, an Ice Lance while the target is frozen, giving the spell triple damage, is doing about the same damage than a single Shadow Priest Void Plague DoT tick… surely that is an oversight and will get corrected… surely :slight_smile:

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Bump! This is still an issue as of April 11th