[SOD] Demonic Grace + Dance of the wicked

I would like to report that there is a interaction between demonic grace rune and dance of the wicked rune that may or may not be intended that has to do with the buff thats received through dance of the wicked.

If you use demonic grace to gain the 30% spell critical strike, then follow up with the crit which triggers dance of the wicked (gain dodge = to your spell critical strike) you gain 30% dodge + base crit. This sounds like its working as intended. however, when you get ANOTHER crit and trigger the effect again (after demonic grace is done) it will OVERRIDE your stronger effect. in my opinion, it shouldnt work like this, considering that every buff in the game wont override a stronger effect. The stronger effect should run out and then allow you to reapply dance of the wicked again.

thank you

PS: The mana bug from DG + DoW that was hotfixed was amazing, can we please have that back? it felt amazing


Sheath of Light does the same thing but lasts 60 seconds. It updates every swing, so if you get a bunch of attack power from trinkets, as soon as the trinkets or whatever fall off you update the spell power to a lower value and replace your Sheath of Light buff.
Dance of the Wicked seems to be the same way.

Dance of the Wicked is a lower duration buff so not as in danger of being snapshot for high values, but it’s likely that getting a crit in the last 3 seconds of the buff should allow you to overwrite the stronger effect, because it’s better to have the effect up than crit at 3 seconds, not refresh it because there’s a stronger effect, and then have it fall off and not crit for a few seconds.
This is how Demonic Pact works where it can be overwritten in the last few seconds with a weaker version, but only then.

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Noticed the same thing.

It’s pretty boring and not great gameplay to have to sit and do nothing for up for 15seconds so you don’t lose a stronger buff.

Needs the treatment felguard demonic pact got in wrath < 3 seconds would be great.