Sod > Cata

Cata is going to die as soon it get released, look how dead is wotlk, when SOD came out, I cant even get a full 25 man guild ICC run even with pugs we barely get 25, 75% of my guild raiders have abandoned Wotlk for SOD, we been running an 25 man ICC normal with 15 players… barely get pass plague wing… I hope you all dont ruin cata like wotlk since wotlk was my fav xpac and hate to see my server peaks at 35 peoples.


Been predicting for ages that cataclysm will be dead by 3 months. I’m sure Blizzard knows and expects cataclysm to do horribly. Their “solution” (using the word generously) will simply be to rush through it to pandaria.


The same problems will happen again unless they’re willing to do drastic changes to cata but they’ve shown so far they rather embrace stuff like the wowtoken than try to really fix the game.


It’s sad because Cata would be the peak of Classic with better raids and class balance than the previous games. Everything that appeals to the sweaty tryhards that play Classic will be at its best in Cata.

But it will most definitely be dead on arrival. We’re already seeing Wrath die. Wrath Classic left a sour taste for so many players, and there are still six more months of it? Six more months of ICC and Ruby Sanctum?.. There won’t even be anyone left when Cata launches.


They also announced no plans of keeping a wrath era server or two open. I moved on to SOD until it’s over. No point in putting in effort to Wrath when it’s already dead. When Cata launches, I go back to playing Xbox or Warmane private server again.


harder=/=better which is why many people left cata but loved tbc. As for wrath dying I would doubt that as wrath was packed before nov3. So no the reduced numbers after nov3 are more of a reflection of catas weakness.

As for the main poster vanilla has many things that cata doesn’t as cata is more like wrath minus and sod is shaping up to be vanilla plus. Though the short time projected for cata will definitely be a sign of its strength of longevity.


SoD is gonna die at 60 when ppl realize they have to do 40-man raids again. Especially with these raids being buffed, and potentially having SoM mechanics.

Most officers/guild leaders that managed 40-man raid rosters/guilds back a few years ago will absolutely refuse to do so again. So the majority of end-game raiding is going to be GDKPs and pretty much nothing else.


Cata > SoD


This true as well but for some hardcore guilds they will stay… Sad to see wrath died

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Era > HC > SoD > Cata


You are wrong. Vanilla(era/sod)>tbc>wrath>mop>>>>>>>>cata.

Not sure where to put legion because I didn’t play legion but I don’t claim knowledge of games I do not play. You won’t find me on a level 10 retail warlock claiming I play vanilla era.


Wrath was always a weak expansion.


I don’t like any of the expansions, so would just put wrath, tbc, mop, etc in the same category as cata.

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vanilla wasn’t the best, it was just the most time consuming & people consider it the best because of nostalgia or their emotional attachment to it

wrath had far superior specs viable in both pve, pvp, fun rotations ( not just spam shadowbolt) hybrid builds, glyphs, raids with actual mechanics one had to do


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There is going to be player churn at the end and beginning of every new release.

I feel like im spamming the forums at this point but for every active release of wow (sod/wotlk/cata/era/whatever) they need to just kill the entire concept of realms. Or at the very least let there be cross realm anything and everything. If you group with pvp server folk then you get put into pvp layers, but fragmenting the playerbase within one of those releases is wild if you are going to have 4+ versions of wow active at any given time.

Everyone playing wow is split into those releases, for any given classic release you’re going to have a large split by faction. Splitting the players up by any more than that can start to spread things very thin.

Didn’t TBC just ramp up at the end tho?