[SOD] Bloodmoon Event

I am not sure what has changed over the last 24-48 hours within the game, but I have noticed that there is a sever latency and layering issue when trying to participate in the Bloodmoon Event. I have been unable to join a group the last 2 times, due to members of my party layering at different times. If someone would drop gorup, they would layer to our layer, but then when we put them back into our group they would layer to another layer. When we would try grouping with people on our layers that we were then on, other party members would layer to other layers. The most recent event I attended, the lag was so bad that I would just res and die over and over again because you couldn’t see people next to you, then all of a sudden they would appear next to you and you would be dead. I am unsure of anyone elses issues and when they began to notice, but I have noticed from today and yesterday’s noon and 3pm events.