[SOD] [A] [Crusader Strike] <Sanction> 6/6 gnomer

7/7 BFD Semi-HC Raiding Guild

What this means
we expect raiders to show up to raid on time with appropriate consumables, enchants, runes, and any sort of enhancement the game is currently offering (world buffs, event toys, PvP hymn etc.)

Who we are
We are veteran raiders that have played WoW from the beginning, current retail, and classic itself. While we may have come from top world retail guilds in the past, we are currently looking to achieve similar success except with a chiller environment, with fellow raiders looking to parse and vibe.

Raiding with us
there are 2 total raid groups for this current content we are looking to add to our speed group and another raid group. 10PM CST group and 1 9PM CST group 9ST/8ST. Comps are premade in advance favoring raiders availability. we raid every 3 days following the current games lockout cycle. Our groups are variations of mains and alts to fit comp needs. End game scheduling is tbd as well with new groups. Our current loot is MS>OS.

What we are looking for
Exceptional players, competitive, and who are compatible with the current standards set by the guild when it comes to how we treat others in raids and other dynamics of the game.

Listed below are classes we are most looking for;

Prot Pal (HIGH)
Prot War (HIGH)

Rogue (HIGH)
Feral (Med)
Hunter (HIGH)
Mage (Low)
Warlock (Med)

Pally (High)
Resto (Med)
Priest (Med)
Just because your roll is low or med does not mean do not apply.

Any questions you may reach out to me in-game Zaysha, Drome#1575 .If I don’t get to you right away, feel free to message a guildie and they will get you in touch with me. Thank you.