<Socially Undead> [H] Blaumeux is Recruiting!

Socially Undead [H] is currently top 20 server for our BWL clear time and have our eyes set on pushing for top 10. We are looking for strong Melee DPS and competent healers to push current content and prepare for AQ in P5. We are a 2 night guild and our raid nights are Tues/Wednesday from 7:30-11 Server Time on Blaumeux.

We raid 2 nights a week but have the drive to push for top 10 and still have time for real life to spare. When not in the current raid content you can find us running our infinitely growing number of mage alts through mara and !@#$ talking each other in discord.

Currently Recruiting:

  • All Competent Melee DPS
  • All Competent Healers (Priest Prio)
  • Exceptional talent will always be considered regardless of class.

Current Progress:

  • 10/10 MC
  • 8/8 BWL
  • 8/8 ZG

Come to raid with World Buffs if possible. We run our own DM trib most weeks on Sunday/Monday night and then try to coordinate Songflowers but expect you to do your own work if you can’t line up with us. Please show up with enough appropriate consumables - EI: Mongoose for melee dps, Frost Power for mages, Greater Fire Prot for fights where it’s needed, etc. We have guild alchemists and plenty of herbs to supplement if needed. Raid starts at 7:30 server but invites go out at 7:00 so be avaliable at least 30 minutes prior to raid starting. Be prepped and understand the fights you’re going into.

We love geared players but it is absolutely not required. More importantly we want you to have a passion for improvement. You should be on top of current class theory crafting and updates.

Maintain a 90% attendance for BWL nights, and a 75% attendance for MC nights. We want everyone to make it to the important stuff but realize that doing MC 8 months into the game isn’t for everyone, so take a night off every once in a while.

We want to interact with you outside raid, we’re not just recruiting for a slot in the raid roster, we want members who can be available to enjoy the rest of the content with us too! Come to off-nights, group farm lotus, pvp or just plain ol’ hang out in discord with us.

Important Takeaways:
Guild: Socially Undead
Server: Blaumeux - US Pacific Time
Faction: Horde
Voice: Discord
Loot: DKP
Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday - 7:30pm-11pm ST (invites go out at 7:00)

Message myself in game or through battle tag. If you prefer to chat in voice we can send over our discord info.
Character Name: Schyll
Btag: Lawson#1432