Soar still nerfed, but Blizzard changed their story

I don’t think many people ever said that.

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A lot of people did, a lot of people who wanted to at least provide the suggestion that they were open for suggestions, even if it was very much so the case that no one was and just did it to complain just for the sake of complaining

I did read a few of those suggestions and I thought they were bad suggestions. Maybe if they had a downvote system they would know how people feel. I want the speed change to get reverted which has been the common complaint over this.

i’ve said this in other threads, but i’ll reiterate it here. I strongly believe dragonriding will become a thing going forward for a few reasons:

  • Blizzard has shown through other changes that they’re trying to get away from ‘borrowed power’ systems, and if dragonriding gets dropped, it would be a ‘borrowed power’ travel system.

  • Dragonriding fits better with Blizzard’s reasons for implementing pathfinder, which they have continued to implement in every expansion following its initial conception. It forces the player to stay engaged with the world since they have to pilot their drake instead of going AFK, and infinite altitude can’t be gained, so skipping content becomes more difficult, especially depending on mob aggro range and level design.

  • Soar already works in flyable areas, meaning Dragonriding works in flyable areas. they don’t have to do a ton of work to get it rolling, any more so than designing for traditional flying. (Noted exception; if they decide to continue making dragon races, and hiding runes to upgrade dragonriding in new zones, they will need to do some level-design in those particular instances, but it will not be required).

  • If blizzard does turn dragonriding into the pathfinder replacement, they can have players re-grind the talent tree in new zones for ‘content’ going forward, and just have to flip a switch going backward.

  • (Edit 2:) Blizzard continues to keep travel mechanics in the game, and update them accordingly (with the only semi-excepton being flying and needing to earn pathfinder). But flying is still in the game. The portal system has been expanded to the point that we need portal rooms in our capitol cities. Meeting stones continue to be posted outside instance hubs. Mage portals and engineering teleports continue to be added every expac.

And even if they don’t, It hurts no one to allow Soar to be cosmetic dragonriding in dragon-rideable zones. Everyone is going to be on the dragon isles for 99% of the expansion, meaning Soar is going to be inferior dragonriding on a cooldown for 99% of the next expansion. That seems silly to me.

edit: I could even see a world where “Pathfinder: Part 1” unlocks dragonriding, and “Pathfinder: Part 2” unlocks traditional flying, as more of a bonus.

I can also see blizzard going back and making old mounts work with the dragonriding mechanics, even if the animations are simpler. Barrel-rolling will be as simple as ‘use glide animation, rotate 360 degrees.’ Surge forward can just be ‘add Sprint Streaks™ to mount’ like they do with most generic speed-ups in the game.

And just maybe, they’ll work on skeletons one rig at a time to get them to work better. Dragons first since they already have them basically done with the new mounts, then wyverns/gryffons, then hippogryphs, etc.


:rofl: Good point, he’s accidentally helping us by trying to harass people

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All this drama over a racial…

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Nah’, the common complaint was always the meme of “Fun detected > nerf it”, and… memes aren’t logical, intelligent, or anything else - so it ain’t even something one can state has a common denominator except the complaining … which folks have been doing since Vanilla and been saying “I will quit the game, GG Blizzard, fix or I quit” in various different forms
Its just empty complaints with no actual meaning for it or body
The Soar change has been explained and whether one agrees with it or not, that’s not how folks talk about it, folks talk about it as if moving at 600% speed (even if it was just for a short-to-medium distance) isn’t insanely fast - one can disagree and provide critique and feedback, but no one is, folks are meme:ing and saying that they’ll quit because “Fun detected > Blizzard nerf”, “GG Blizz”

There’s a saying that “A bad idea dies on its own, and a good one can live on its own” - a downvoting option just provides a means for people to organize en masse to try to get people they disagree with cancelled
I have my own opinions, you have yours, I don’t agree with yours but it doesn’t mean that your ideas as less worth than mine, that’s for others to decide and whilst I question the sanity of most folks on GD and social media as a whole when in relates to Blizzard … you ain’t worth more or less than me, so why should one allow the option to bully and harass folks?
A report is to get rid of something, a downvote can be because you dislike what they said but wasn’t enough to report 'em, or you merely dislike the person - the last one out of these is how it typically gets used

I’d be fine with this system going forward honestly. Dragonriding available everywhere at launch followed by TBC flying once you have Pathfinder. I just don’t see any valid reason for Soar not to function on the same level as Dragonriding.

Yeah I agree. I never thought there needed to be more ‘depth’ to flying and dragon riding doesnt sound fun to me.
It sounds like another situation where Blizz is making up problems to solve while ignoring actual issues with the game.

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Agreed, and though while I would love for Soar to be dragonriding everywhere with no cooldown, I am fine with a compromise of it being the ‘nerfed version’ in the old world until Blizz unlocks dragonriding for everyone. I would still prefer it not have a cooldown, though. I think the idea of a winged dragon race being forced to rely on other flying mounts to travel around as asinine, especially since druids have no problem flight-forming everywhere without getting tired, and Worgen able to run on all fours indefinitely without their heart exploding.

Let the dragons soar.


I just play the games and enjoy them. I dont care what they had in alpha/beta. I care about what is in live.

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I know you all want to go super fast, but I just can’t help but watch you squirm as you go 30% slower. On the bright side they did reduce the cd btw to 3 minutes due to feedback.

Get over your self they change everything in alpha nothing stay the same

Correct and weve been providing feedback because wed like it changed again.

lol wow. You literally insult him and THEN play the victim? c’mon…I hope you can be better than this

Actually, a lot of people are providing critique and feedback. Part of that is a critique of Blizzard’s reasoning for the nerf. For many people, the reasons for the nerf didn’t make sense, and people saying so is a valid form of feedback.

Also, a lot of people, including me, have offered constructive alternatives that seek to meet everyone’s needs, including the developers’ stated need to balance speed in the old world (even though I disagree it’s a meaningful problem).

And I have not once threatened to quit over it.

You are over-generalizing to serve your distorted perception of the issue.

Everyone who tested it said it was fun. Then they nerfed it. So the complaint is 100% valid.

Does that mean there’s never a legitimate reason to nerf a fun thing?

No, of course not. But in this case, it was fun, and they nerfed it, and the reasons were silly. So the meme fits. They earned it.


Blizzard, Blizzard, Blizzard – haven’t you learned anything?

Keep Soar as it was initially, and change it AFTER players start screaming for it to be changed. You can use this situation as an example of “players not always recognizing what’s good for the game” in future as carte blanc to turn a deaf ear to feedback.

/end realgamedevpolitik

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Lmao did you seriously make a zandalari troll alt to try and troll more? Weaaaaak

whose to say they won’t place obstacles in the air to disrupt soar like they did in ZM with all the birds etc. I am just waiting for the final product because that sounds liek what the devs like to do after launch.

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