Soar still nerfed, but Blizzard changed their story

From your body of work thus far I’m guessing you not reading is kind of a foregone conclusion. I blame the school systems.

“With the next alpha build, we’re making a change to Soar for Dracthyr that reduces their maximum speed from (roughly) 930% to 640%. The maximum speed for Dragon Isles Drakes is unchanged . This only applies to the Dracthyr Soar racial ability.”

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Umm… yeah. So reading that, I’m still seeing a flat nerf to 640% for Soar. While the new Drake Mounts which Dragonride are still at roughly 930%. Unless I missed something.

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But who else would have me?!

I actually think you are correct and that’s not cool at all.

I thought so too… it doesn’t help that Drakes/Dragons/Dracthyr are so close name-wise to the same thing.

Actually now that Guppie has brought it up I’m not so certain. If it’s even nerfed in Dragon Isles where Dragonriding is mandatory that’s an even more stupid decision on Blizzards part.

Testing should be under NDA until late beta do people make their decisions based on the final product and not some content creator. You would never know how these minor things change a dozen times over time

Well that’s why I was annoyed lol. Like nerfing the whole Soar ability within the new expansion zone seems stupid.


Not a single person has mentioned or cares about content creators, we’re discussing feedback from testers who are paying customers

You may have wandered into the wrong thread.

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No. I haven’t. Its the same argument. Cc’s are also testers. They should all be nda’d so you only have the final product to judge from instead alpha testing builds

So Blizzard should have 0 transparency, 0 accountability to customers, be allowed to bait and switch customers at will with no repurcussions, and we should all be expected to buy an expansion with 0 information about it beforehand and just hope were pleasantly surprised?

You cannot possibly be serious.

Given that content creators are MUCH more likely to receive an alpha/beta invite than the general population its not unrelated… Your “testers” are largely content creators. Content creators have a specific goal in mind that isn’t representative of the general player base.

Does any other game have open alpha and beta for people like you to just randomly complain over something you had no direct experience yet?

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It’s not a bait and switch under a NDA, because there would be no bait. If beta rolled around in September with us just then seeing soar as it is now, there would still be complaints about the cooldown and maybe ones about how slow it isbut no one would be claiming they “nerfed fun”

Now I don’t agree that there should be NDAs all the way through the release but until beta where they can make changes as needed to fine tune before then wouldn’t be horrible.

I have alpha, I think it’s fine 30% slower. Doesn’t feel much different at all. Maybe it’s time to get over it. :person_shrugging:

Wha…? YES every other MMO has an Alpha and Beta available to players without an NDA.

Psst, brudder, you’re a really bad troll. Do better.

I don’t normally engage but…

From what I also understand it is due to the turnaround of the new expansion Blizzard wants feedback and testing for their Alpha & Beta. Before if I understand correctly only Beta was public beforehand. So people shouldn’t give their feedback? Or people without Alpha/Beta keys shouldn’t give feedback? Given also that as mentioned keys are also used for promoting the new content by creators as they have a larger platform who are not the player base. But then who should be giving feedback then - the internal testers? This form was kind of created because of said feedback…

Maybe they dont have a player base that complains about every little thing, even if the player is not affected.