Soar still nerfed, but Blizzard changed their story

Holy Christmas almighty can people get their panties unbunched? It’s 30%, on an ability that both grants you flying immediately as a class, and goes faster than the highest mounted speed. Is it really worth all of this outrage and all these posts about it?

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Look at the last 4 expansion. Legion was great, Warlord’s was an unplayable mess, Battle For Azeroth was so bad that players begged for Shadowlands to be released early, and Shadowlands was so terrible it made Battle For Azeroth look passable.

3 out of 4 were failures to the player base and instead of changing a single thing we’ve got the devs doubling down on these terrible design choices to spite the players for not living up to Ions “vision”

On top of that, it’s probably the same people that were cheering a 20% nerf to warlocks…

Homie I mained Warlock from Vanilla all the way until Legion. I couldn’t be more bummed that Warlocks were nerfed into the ground like that.

thats ninja, and if you think asmongold is toxic then ninja is lake karachay

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That sounds legitimately awful.

he is

/10 char

Good to know… I pulled that info from the original developer blue post, it failed to make the distinctions of the percentage decrease is not affected the Dragon Isle zone.

I already was aware that Soar was separated from the Dragonriding Training/Perks.

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They claimed originally that reducing the speed in old world zones was to prevent Dracthyr from getting to pet battles faster, I’m not making that up.

Now they claim that internal testers, which are not players but are rather paid testers hired by a firm, don’t care whether it’s fast or not and therefore it should be left nerfed.

All of that is in spite of the overwhelming feedback they got from the Alpha testers, paying customers and community council members, who no longer use soar at all because it no longer feels fun or even useful for anything since all other forms of locomotion are faster and more effective.

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he is being disingenuous. Go and look at videos of soar. It goes far further than a few hundred feet. That spaz bellular jumped off a tower in stormwind and almost made it to booty bay

It literally was the case. 910 > 310. Math is hard?

Dude, we can literally look up the videos. It doesn’t work that way.

Except it only works traveling down and forward, not up, not hovering, not climbing, not traveling long distances, not launching from a flat area. But hey, you learned 3rd grade math to know 9 is bigger than 3 so I’m sure logic and reasoning skills are only 10 to 20 more years out for you buddy.

What are you talking about every top player is saying the Soar nerf is stupid. Hating on people for being good at the game and assigning them random beliefs is cringe af.

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I did. Let me know when youve mastered it and maybe we can have a conversation?

Pfft, no reponse to every thing else that called out your nonsense statement? Just name calling? Keep trolling and maybe one day you’ll be good at it dude.

So quick with the histrionics you’re not even trying. Point to where I engaged in “name-calling.” :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :clown_face:

Its a racial. A racial shouldn’t give you the ability to fly 3x faster than a mount. Full stop. Thanks for playing.

Weak bait, not reading. :+1:

Good. I wouldn’t want you to overstress yourself. Maybe take a little napski and give it a go tomorrow?

Can I get another fact-check that Soar still remains roughly 930% on the Dragon Isles? [Not that I don’t believe you Astiere but this is the first I heard this - I’m hopeful this is true]

That’s all I really care about anyways - I don’t care about Soaring slower in old content.

:+1: You keep trolling, Ill keept not reading.