Soar still nerfed, but Blizzard changed their story

I don’t normally engage but…

From what I also understand it is due to the turnaround of the new expansion Blizzard wants feedback and testing for their Alpha & Beta. Before if I understand correctly only Beta was public beforehand. So people shouldn’t give their feedback? Or people without Alpha/Beta keys shouldn’t give feedback? Given also that as mentioned keys are also used for promoting the new content by creators as they have a larger platform who are not the player base. But then who should be giving feedback then - the internal testers? This form was kind of created because of said feedback…

Maybe they dont have a player base that complains about every little thing, even if the player is not affected.

No I think they just ban people like you from using the forums and move along really.

Race and class are the same. So it’s functionally an Evoker class ability as well.

In related news, Ghost Wolf now has a 2 second cast time and can’t be used indoors, because it gives an unfair efficiency advantage vs other classes when travelling indoors. Also, your Ghost Wolf is now a Ghost Chicken and all glyphs are deleted, because it’s important that the class fantasy you have about your Shaman be destroyed in order to balance a movement utility spell.

Look man. Agreeing with yourself from an alt with zero post history isn’t just transparent… It’s also kinda sad. :roll_eyes:

Directly from the blue post:

Soar is currently over twice as fast as Epic Flying which travels at 410% speed.

Incorrect. Yet again. It’s actually borderline impressive how consistently you manage to be wrong.

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It’s a racial designed to mimic dragonriding mounts, in the same way that Running Wild is a racial designed to mimic ground mounts.

keep the nerfed version in old world if you must, but in Dragon Isles, let Soar be cosmetic dragonriding.

…And when Dragonriding is (inevitably) brought to other zones, unnerf Soar in those zones.


That sounds fairly reasonable.

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I couldn’t gaf less about this soar nerf. There are currently Zero Evoker mains. Please just stop.

Seije as perfect as that sounds. How will Dracthry players participate in the grinding and leveling of the new Drake Mounts? They gotta be apart of the grind just like everyone else. Which I believe is the true reason this was nerfed.

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If they listened to pros, conduits would never have happened.



Mmkay… so now were at the portion of trolling where you just deny reality? You need to get good. Youre just really bad at this and now youre trying to spam the thread with the weakest bait Ive ever seen.

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Shh shh, be better at this.

For the mount customization? The same way that druids and worgen participate in the mount grinds. For the dragonriding talents? carry them over to Soar, maybe give them ‘dismount immunity’ the same way druids have dismount immunity in flight form.

I was being facetious lol, you don’t need to come up with ideas - I think they’re worried about all the work they put into Drake Mount Customizations being overshadowed by the new Racial.

Its also important to know whether Dragonriding is going to be a system we continue to see used and expanded upon or if its something we never hear about after this expansion.

Well, not everyone is going to reroll drak’thyr, so those drake customizations will be used. (They need at least one more class to tank for them ;D)

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Agreed but some input is ok. If I told Blizz to stop listening to top players, we would probably still see destro locks and survival hunters doubling everyone else in the meters

So the hill you’re dying on is MMO’s don’t have NDA’s for their Alpha’s? Really? The thing about lying is… you should restrict it to lies that aren’t provable as such with 10 seconds effort…

Try harder bro