Soar speed nerfed by 30%

The majority of forum posters do not agree with you here pal. They do not make sense at all.


In case it wasn’t already obvious by the massive timegating on literally everything, the nerfs to the heirlooms, the exp nerfs.

Time played metrics.



A bunch of people are absolutely unhinged about a thing that never even existed. “fUn dEtEcteD” as everyone parrots the person next to them. “Godmode noclipping around the map is part of muh dragon fantasy”

Being in a noisy crowd doesn’t make you right unfortunately

Except on alpha where it was heavily praised.

The meme exists for a reason and we are using the reason blizz provided for the nerf and it’s really a tough sell for blizz to use “transportation speed in outdated content” as a reason to nerf a fancy glide on a 5 minute CD.

Why are you right? I’ve not seen any argument about why the nerf was necessary beyond “because it is”.

Yeah they did it because it will give an unfair advantage in Pet Battling what such great reasoning right? :rofl:

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Can’t have been looking hard.

I’m not trying to be right lol…I’m pointing out that people are upset that they can’t triple the speed of a regular drake in the old world out of nowhere

You said it yourself, it was on an alpha. I know I’ll get sucked into a circular argument here but dang this is peak whiny and hurts the credibility of people asking for serious changes

For whatever reason, this just reminds me of that American Dad bit where two characters were commisserating about being upset that Men had only just most of the power instead of all of it.

But they haven’t removed borrowed power, dragon riding is just another borrowed power system as it can only be used in the dragon isles. Unless an ability can be used in all content in every expac following and preceding it’s introduction, it is a borrowed power system.

Obviously, in the case of dragon riding, instances would be the excluded, but it is still a borrowed power system. ACTIBLIZZ STILL IS NOT LISTENING!!

Semper Fi! :us: :ukraine:

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I would of disagreed with you strongly until someone reminded me that Ion said that Dragon flying may or may not be a thing moving foward past dragon flight, and its up to community feed back if we get to keep it past dragon flight. Hence as you said… borrowed power. </3

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We literally get no power from the Dragonriding system. Try again.

The issue players have with borrowed power systems is when we as players get more powerful (be it because we get awesome weapons, abilities or traits) and then at the start of the next expansion that ‘power’ is removed because it was only valid for that expansion. No one considers the Garrison to be a ‘borrowed power system’ or the class hall in Legion, because even though neither of those things continued into the next expansion, none of them granted player power, so losing them wasn’t a big deal.

On the other hand players really cared about losing their artifacts in legion, having their legion legendaries no longer function at all, losing the heart of azeroth, azerite powers and corruptions from BFA etc. And they’re going to feel the same about losing access to certain covenant abilities (not all of which are carrying forward into Dragonflight) and bonuses given by conduits.

You know what they’re not going to care about losing? Covenant halls and the associated activities tied to each one (such as the Winter Queen’s Conservatory and the Fleshcrafting Workshop), because that’s a Shadowlands system that isn’t carrying forward into Dragonflight, but it gives absolutely no player power.

Now if Dragonriding gave everyone a sweet dragon flame breath ability that could be used in combat, that would be different. Then Dragonriding would be providing player power, and it would be considered a borrowed power system.

That’s not why we’re upset, we’re upset because we all kept asking for a CD reduction and what we got instead was a speed nerf.

Make it a 1 min CD with or without the nerf, I don’t care, and we’ll be happy again.


Do you guys see it yet? Blizzard truly does not care about you or any player they could have. Time to pack it up, everyone should unsub tonight, maybe they’ll actually listen.

This is pretty dumb since dragonriding isn’t nerfed, leave it the way it is people were having fun and enjoying it or at the very least make that 5min CD 3 min or something if you’re going to nerf it…

But if it was averaging to be twice as fast at 900%, doesn’t that mean people were already capping around 600% before this change?

What are you talking about? I addressed blizzards reason earlier in the very post you quoted. I was asking for all of your supporting arguments.

Are you being intentionally obtuse with your posts?

I think you are TBH. You said “I’ve not seen any argument about why the nerf was necessary”, when there’s a massive blue post detailing why they think the nerf is necessary.

The fact they explained why they think it was necessary does not mean they are correct or that their arguments are logical (they aren’t).

I literally just explained the difference. Even so, that argument falls under “because blizz said so”

Doesn’t mean they are wrong either.

You’re allowed to have an opinion, and they are too.

But when someone just outright make things up like “i haven’t see any argument about why the nerf was necessary” and then accuse me of being obtuse when I quote the article outlining why they think it was actually necessary, you just look bad.