So...about those white item transmogs

Any more news on that front that anyone has heard, since this article says “on or before Dragonflight”?

Gray and White Quality Transmog Options with or Before Dragonflight - Wowhead News

I thought I saw it was supposed to be included in 10.0.5. Let me see if I can dig that up again.

Edit: Found it.


Probably going the way of the dance studio……

Coming in 10.5
All white items you have in your inventory will become BOE.
All future white items will be added to your collection.

There was no mention of previously acquired (and since sold / deleted) whites. I assume it wont retroactively work, which is a shame.

I think only the Burning Crusade generation remembers that lie :joy:

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Still waiting on my Warlords crafted armor transmogs… :rage:


That’s also coming in the same patch. It’s in the notes too.




I missed that, thanks!

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More transmog stuff, yay!

Also, cries in Dracthyr. :dracthyr_cry_animated:


Not world drops, but I imagine starting and early quest gear will be retroactively added the same way rewards from quests you had long since completed were added to your collection automatically when they introduced the catalog.

Where does it say no world drops? Ive read through the notes a couple of times and couldnt see that. But good news for the rest.

It didn’t work retroactively in Legion either for other items. It’s disappointing, but it’s not like they have a list of every item your character has ever had, that would be huge.