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It’s funny that people are told, in every Q&A and even by blues on the forum, to provide feedback.

But then when they do that, the Blizzard Defender’s League comes out and says that feedback is wrong and they shouldn’t “whine” and changes are fine etc. They’re told that dissenting opinions don’t matter.

Well…I think one thing worth noting, whether you think the oforums are needlessly negative or not, is that people who come to post in the forums care enough about the game decision to come and spend their time writing about it.

I’m not on the forums all the time. I come here when there’s something I care about. Whether I love it or hate it. So…it’s a mistake to disregard feedback as being “just the forums,” especially when that’s what the staff specifically asked for.


This is already deterring new players. It’s rediculous.

How is it deterring new players? They are new I doubt they even used half the portals in the first place…besides we have mages that can still port people places.

.01% is a ten thousandth.
5000 x 10.000 is 50,000,000

Are you saying there are more than 50 million people playing WoW?

The fact they don’t even know what content there is to do in the CoT should tell everyone something.


Not only that he specifically asked about how much extra time it’s going to take the player to get to point A to point b. It’s all about that time played metric, it’s well beyond a conspiracy.

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remember when portals where strictly a mage thing pepperdige farms remembers.

i don’t think its about the time played metric i think its about … easing people into classic wow a place where portal are conjured by mages and mages alone… the rest of us must walk. or boat/zepplin

Rubbish. Utter nonsense.

Just who is making this game? I really do think people should examine their heads and consider this fact: it isn’t them.

Why should do what the community wants every time? The game is developed by 'Blizzard Entertainment", not World of Warcraft players.

5k posts is a drop in the ocean, and what’s more it’s entirely misleading as ‘general consensus’ because a very particular type of whiny brat will respond with such fever to such a pathetically trivial issue. Not to mention the people that haunt forums are often very different to the average player.

I absolutely assure that so much that is wrong with the game now is precisely because they listen to what the community wants. Given the fact people have different tastes and are VERY prone to knee-jerk reactions; it explains why the game is tugged in one extreme and back again-- and so much convenience has been added which waters down the entire experience of this being an RPG not a damn collection simulator.

Players are not developers, and as such it is nearly always the case they won’t look at the bigger picture to how changes effect the game down the road.

This has to be the dumbest response I’ve read in this thread. You are about as blind as the Devs.

By removing things that had no negative impact and was in the game for years without issues. Yeah… That has a major impact.

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Only if Blizzard actually caves into the complaints regarding the outright removal of unique portals, which they probably won’t. In fact, it’s possible they will actually go the route of “prune and replace portals” for a couple of expansions before adding on to the portal rooms.

Vehemently defending Blizzard’s removal of portals like Caverns of Time is a bit silly in my opinion, but I’m also feeling like complaining about their removal is completely pointless because I don’t think Blizzard is ever going to reverse their decision to remove the portals.

It’s pretty much just the “Druid Prowl Animations Debacle” all over again where an overwhelmingly unpopular decision is cemented into the game for all eternity.

5k posts does not make 5k people.

Maybe they need to stop their useless actions that spawn discussions for all eternity?

For the millionth time, stop arguing about stupid numbers for or against the issue.

Talk about the subject. Argue it’s merits/issues.

Imagine actually thinking that Acti-Blizz listens to their playerbase.


“The angriest are the loudest”

Doesn’t make you right.

The big meme is that we’ll never know when the subs truly hard dive because in WoD, subs plummeted so hard that they conceded to never show them again


I just want a portal to the capital citys in pandaria not jade forest

Sure. But in the case we are.

I’ve enjoyed flying over the same content from 10+ years ago!!! Totally beats porting…

Rolls eyes

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“Thousands of players” IS NOT MOST PLAYERS. This game has MILLIONS of players. Even 30,000 players is only 1% of all of us.

5% of players disagree with EVERYTHING. That’s 150,000 players. Blizzard CANNOT go along with every idea that 150,000 players agree with. It is impossible. There are more than 150,000 players on BOTH sides of EVERY argument.