So you're telling us

I understand that but not taking anything into consideration is the issue.

Almost like it’s in spite of the player.


What’s next on things that the forums will complain about?

Horde armor being too spikey? Wait, thats been done.

Flight being locked behind pathfinder? Wait, there’s probably a new thread about that amongst the 1000 others.

Portals? No wait several threads about that.

Fishing requiring me to click on the bobber? Thats it! Fishing is too hard. Blizz nerf pls.


“Hehe we’ll show you to want nice things” winks - Blizzard

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Probably that whatever the Heart of Azeroth becomes in 8.2, it won’t be as good as Legion Artifacts.

I’ll never understand why the Artifact traits and such weren’t just baked into leveling. There’s a stretch from like, 60-120 where you get a handful of things. Plenty of room to spread around the traits/talents from Legion Artifacts.

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and is your statistic able to discount any of their claims that actual removal of portals (not relocation which most of us don’t mind) do positive things for the game?

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Silvermoon to STV.
Darnassus to Gadgeztan.

But I have to agree with OP, Blizzard are doing things players do not agree with, but they are doing nothing to address it other than:

Telling us it is oh so great what they are doing and it is always going to be great, never a problem.


So Blizzard responds to the topic. But people refuse to hear or consider their reasoning.


Yeah, but the CoT portal is redundant, we have a Silithus portal, so you have to fly a zone over, big deal. I bet you’re full up on free time anyway because the only reason to go to CoT right now is to farm the instances.

I voted with my wallet. Deleted the game, and unsubbed. Tired of them not listening to feedback. They continue to refuse to go back to what the game was.


One post I read, or it was the same one and it got edited said “It made the world feel bigger”. Yes it is a reason, but they are literally undoing what they have put in place for how many years, and why? To artificially extend the world and time spent doing things, like they did with scaling.

And as someone said, COT is a lower level area, it is not designed for level 120 who can port to Silithus and fly over.


Quite a lot of people adapted to BfA canceling their subscriptions, is it time to make more people “adapt” to bad changes?


This whole generation of WoW gamers and in most cases gamers in general take changes to games too personally, like they are doing it to increase your play time, or make you mad. lol

narcissistic much are we?


So what is it you’re expecting here? What would it take for you to believe that they took your feedback into consideration?

personal opinions, I don’t hate BfA, in fact it’s the most fun I’ve had raiding. Not falling asleep at the keyboard.

There’s gating, yes, but there was gating in Legion. As far as I can tell there hasn’t been as much mission table gating as there was in Legion (thank god)

Azerite gear? Yeah, meh, whatever. It’s good, it’s bad, I am indifferent, It’ll be gone next expansion.

The most crippling thing about this game is that it hurts people in the long run who do not play every day. Even with catch up mechanics you’re still victim to RNG when you do get a chance to play. So upgrades are few and far between.

You can listen perfectly fine and still disagree.


This statement right here pretty much negates any huge push that forums might ever generate now.

You have a bunch of salty former players starting threads on the forums. So now you can easily discredit anything the paying customers are saying because you know non-paying customers are either joining the numbers or starting the threads in the first place.

For example, 2000 players say this is bad…but you know some of those don’t even play the game anymore which dilutes the effectiveness of “we” or the wallet threat.


"Portals? Portals…were talkin bout Portals. Really… portals… PORTALS.

~Elven Illidenson


And yet… you’re still here, still complaining about a game you claim you’ve uninstalled and walked away from. Why is that?

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Me thinks someone is still playing.


Well, you were getting achievements just last week. Furthermore, you’re still haunting the forums for the game. Leads me to believe you’ll inevitably be back despite your grievances. That’s not really having the impact you think you’re having.