So who is switching to the release day servers?

Yeah, I just saw that post and was pretty happy about it. I will be switching at 12pm 8/26 for sure. Though I am still concerned given how quickly the east cost servers seem to fill up. Gotta make the swap and see how it goes though first. Maybe the 1 new EST server is enough and I am golden :slight_smile:

If Old Blanchy was a PvP realm, I would play there in a heartbeat.
What an awesome name.

Something worth noting is that even a “Low” status realm for Classic will have more then a “Full” status Vanilla realm did. I totally see your point, just letting you know in case you didn’t.

Sadly lots of folks didn’t know, and Blizz should have been a tad better at communicating that fact. People might be more likely to want to swap. I’d be down with a Classic server at “Medium” pop, because that shizz will already be off the hook.

I mean… I got all my names?

The names I have reserved no one ever chooses anyway so shrug i could of just waited till launch to get my names and be fine.

I have names reserved on Mankrik but will probably move to Westfall tomorrow. I wish they would go ahead and open up the new servers for name reservations.

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How do you get server population information to know if it’s 50/50?

That might be true. However, it depends on how many people flopp off pvp servers after they realize what they are like.

Due to queue concerns, anyone in that group would flee to the new pve servers.

The hell is a release day server? Aren’t all the servers going live on release day?

They will be adding more servers tomorrow aka release day.

Ahh. That makes sense, then.I hadn’t heard about that yet.

It’s the top sticky. Four servers so far. Maybe more depending on demand.

edit: just noticing that sticky is 3 days old and referencing things to happen “tomorrow” that have not happened yet…

I think the launch day servers will be the most likely to get hit with tourists. I think the ones where people took the time to decide that they would spend their classic experience on a given server are the ones that will have the most healthy population. Currently, the Blaumeaux server looks the most promising to me.

It’s just going to get worse with newer servers now.

People who haven’t subbed aren’t going to sit in queue and wait to play. They’d rather just have fun and then leave afterwards.

Servers made now have confirmed the committed players.

I think I’m going Bigglesworth. Server identity is a thing in Classic and I want to be part of the community that shamelessly rolls on a server with that name.

Also, might be easier to log in.

I got no choice but to reroll a char on Old Blanchy. I looked at the realm list and the only mediums are the PvP ones. Noooooo thanks!

This has already been updated, Incendius is EST


I don’t think the servers released tomorrow will quickly die at all. Most of the tourists from BFA probably have their names reserved on the servers we have already considering it was free for them to do so.

My guess is a lot of people resubbing on the day and going to the new servers will be the ones that will only play Classic as they didn’t want to give Blizz any money beforehand cause they don’t play retail. The new servers should be filled with players like those and also the people so hyped they are too excited for 5+ hour queues.

I think a lot of people are taking their chances to see what the queues are actually like but if it really is bad then those new servers will fill to the brim in a snap.

Servers that come AFTER those though I would be worried about.

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Same here. And even if someone did take my name, which hasn’t happened in any MMORPG, I’ll just create a new one. I’m going to pick a EST server that’s not full. PvP preferably, but PvE is just as fine.

Why would they be different? They don’t come in until layering is gone and so the population cap of online players will be the same as in vanilla.