So what's the 2 leggo play?

Me, rocking chen’s…
And also that mawrat bomb leggo

Yee haw

Faeline and ATotM :slight_smile:

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^^ and I don’t know why it choose my lvl 10 druid I created and didn’t do squat with as my forums profile today…

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Wait, we cant choose just any 2 leggos

Everything is bad and I dislike this game. :disappointed:

Kyrian will hands down be insane.

But I believe that venthyr pets are actually affected by stat modifiers, so keefers + venthyr might be sleeper op and way better than both necro & kyrian could ever be.

But I would love night fae to be the best, Faeline stomp is fun :slight_smile:


Faeline is my favorite! While I main as MW I also play WW and BrM too. So Faeline Stomp works well for all three!

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ATotM and the venthr will be OP


for ww. i can see kyrian/invokers and for mw, its def AtotM/venth

It’ll be interesting to see if invokers procs on the kyrian legendary summon, or if blizzard decides that’s too much tiger fun.

I can’t wait to build a verse/haste brewmaster set with invoker’s called ALL DAVE ALL THE TIME. Oh hell yeah pop some special delivery in that biz.

This will be an interesting combo.

Yeah, I believe that the images from venthyr actually benefit from stat buffs, so with 50% increased crit for a period they’ll pump your CD down. Most likely way lower than Kyrian ability.

And it only take 12 crits in 24 seconds to make that happen.

Keefer’s only debuffs a target for 6 seconds every 1 minute. So that combo doesn’t seem terribly great to me.

Seeming great is different from synergizing with 8 different things proccing your legendary means it will, on average, have a higher uptime covenant ability than others.

And consisdering how much damage venthyr can do, it’s insane together.