So... what's everyone doin lately?

i’m currently doing stuff on argus with my warrior, cause i’m trying to get a specific transmog armor with a very low drop-chance… now that i think about it, i should probably be running SoO for a specific transmog piece with a very low drop-chance…

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Just ran Legion raid on LFR. That was my 2nd time.
First run gave my paladin on 1 piece.
Seconds run gave me zero. Going to be fun farming 1 tmog set for 6 weeks.

Oh and I almost got this rogue’s all Shadowlands factions to exalted. Would be 2nd toon with all exalted.

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Educating myself :smiley:


In WoW mainly daily anima farming. Now that it’s pleasant to do, I’m finishing the covenant sanctum upgrades on my main before 9.1. Should be able to easily get it all by then!

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Leveling a demonology warlock. Might get it geared up, might not, idk.

SWTOR! :smiley::+1:


I re subbed back to level my priest and ended up making a rogue. He is now level 26 and I love him.

New PoE league. Went about as well as a Blizzard launch, but things are patched up now.

FFXIV, D3 Season 23, and some steam games. Also raid logging.

Listening to Destiny 2 theme music for some reason . . .


I know JavaScript, Python, Java, and C#, but every time I try C++ my brain starts hurting.

I’ve tried off and on for years to learn C++ but I couldn’t wrap my head around it either :rofl: Then I spent all of last year learning Lua and the wow api to make my own addons. Now when I read code or some tutorial it’s all much easier to understand. I know it has nothing to do with Lua specifically it just gave me experience in one much simpler language to understand concepts in C++.

Learning CMake was a massive headache though, adding libs to a C++ project isn’t as straightforward as from bs4 import BeautifulSoup :sob:

Yeah I managed to work my way through lua and even made a small addon a few months ago.

60 lines of code, nothing special, it just takes all the anima items in your inventory and calculates how much anima you have to turn in to the reservoir.

My problem with C++ is mostly pointers. I get what they are, just don’t really get when and how to use them.

Stabbing people. Taking their stuff.

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Haven’t gotten to pointers yet so I’m no use to you :laughing: You could try looking on StackOverflow for when they are most useful, I get a lot of answers from that site :heart:

Books are great, whenever I need to learn something my first stop is always “what’s the best book” but they don’t always do a good job of “when it’s useful” they are just “how to do it”. That’s when the community comes into play. Oh speaking of community the people here are great

Farming rep in Azsuna, trying to get the cloudwing hippogryph

Sitting in Oreos on a character I haven’t mained since MoP overwhelmed by the fact that it is so far behind on everything from previous expansions

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Playing the Hunter, Call of the Wild.

Tonight us raid night with the guild, currently on mythic Hungering Destroyer.

Spent time fiddling around with the Mage alt, attempted to do Torghast as Fire and it was much harder than my normal Frost spec. Frost is the goods.

Levelling a warlock, demonology has gotta be one of the most fun specs in this game