So, what the server like?


Basically what the title says. I’m on bigglesworth and while finding a group for just about anything is great, getting quests done is a real pain in the butt.

Curious what the population is like on here and maybe the horde vs ally ratio.

Any other feedback would be appreciated also.


I don’t know what the ratio is, but I haven’t had any difficulty finding groups, or with finishing quests. People generally seem to be willing to help on this server, and I haven’t had a bad PUG yet, so we’ll see.


Quest areas are populated but not overwhelmed, and it’s pretty easy to group with the 3-4 people who may be trying to kill the same mob(s) as you. Haven’t had any issues finding a PUG, and haven’t had any bad ones yet.

Not sure what the A:H ratio is, but overall it’s been a good experience. Come on over, the water’s fine.


I am thinking of moving to this server, Is this a small tight nit Commuinty?

imo Bigglesworth’s big pop makes me feel alone.


Not sure how tight-knit it is, but it is small enough that you’ll encounter familiar names in chats, running around zones, PUGs, etc. Which like you said is better than being lost in a sea of overpopulation (which feels too much like cross-realm imo).

Could always roll a lvl 1 here and get to a city (or Barrens chat if you’re into that) to get a sense of how many people are around, how active they are, what the AH looks like, etc.

Personally I’m glad I rolled here. Solid community, easy to find groups for questing/dungeons, and best of all, haven’t had to deal with a single queue since I started playing.


Thanks for info everyone. By the time I got to look at these replies it looks like maybe free transfers are closed lol.


Transferring from Rattlegore as we speak


server transfers last a few days. you have plenty of time to decide. when i got here i did /who warlock 50-60 and got no results, then did /who warlock 40-60 and the highest alliance warlock was 43 @_@