So what happens tomorrow?

So glad this terrible season is over. Is this the longest / worst season in wow history? And now what happens? Do we get that crappy 2 week of offseason. So awful…


Your hairline resets


Isn’t it one week off and then new season / raid tier / new M+?

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No tuning, corruption makes us pine for a simpler time like season 1/2/3, even though 2/3 were awful, it’s progressively gotten worse.


It’s depressing when you know your hairline is worse than that guy Tipsoutbaby. Ugh…

You might have jinxed next season…

HAHA! How rich! Did you not read the notes? The meta is not changing! It’ll be exactly like this one, and this is the voice of optimism! At least whatever you knew was good in the meta, chances are it’ll be the same.

So what will happen tomorrow is that all the smart people will reroll or QQ.

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:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

WW and MW buffs, that’s about it.

Triple Monk has entered the chat


I would imagine that we will see some changes a few weeks after patch.

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What you do is grind conquest in the first week its available, and it corrupts, but you cant use it without cleansing. Then a week later you upgrade your cloak and you can take the corruption, but you cleansed it so gg.

I mean it’s only been 52+ weeks since their last meaningful changes.

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I’m probably being optimistic or naive, :man_shrugging:t3:

Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t cleanse any corrupted gear for the short term gain. Hold onto it to see if it’s worth keeping once you get more resistance.

Nothing like getting a reward you have to wait a couple weeks to use.


This is supposedly their last content patch until the next expansion (which might not be released until fall/winter), so pace yourself…

Games will be longer

Just realized PvP is part of the time played metric

There was one season that was 38 weeks long i think

But no, that’s the good part: just play the meta and you’ll have a happy ol’ time! It might not be what you want to actually play, though, but winning beggars can’t be winning choosers, yea?

tbh I’m more expecting people holding onto well corrupted pieces forever because the pieces will be good in a few weeks when your cloak catches up.

The “corruption balancing act” they keep trying to sell is realistically just going to play out in a way that encourages/mandates religious farming of the same piece of gear even more than we already do. Not only do we need to hope it drops, but ALSO corrupts with a good bonus; but not too good, because then we can’t use it. But, of course, it’d be stupid to cleanse it.

It’ll be a fun game of hoarding drops that just chill in your inventory while you farm weaker versions until you can finally equip them without your own gear deleting you.

I have no idea what they were thinking.

the game’s gonna get a little bit worse, the specs that inflict horrible gameplay on us will be slightly shuffled and one of the specs that has bad seasons(maybe dk) will get replaced by a spec that has had a bad couple seasons(hunter) to nobody else’s meaningful gain or loss at all, it’ll get a smidgen more painful to have alts and people who do pve endgame will have a great time because the game is made for them

same thing that happened the last 10 patch days

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Hopefully shadowlands isn’t legion par…wait why did Sargeras stab azeroth anyway

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