So Valor points

At least now you’ll be able to target a specific mythic for a piece of gear. I plan on farming plaguefall for a second poxstorm now so i can upgrade them to 220 when/if this goes live.

Again you can just spam low keys to get the drops you need then upgrade them, Yes there is still a bit of RNG involved in it but really it wouldn’t take that long if you have a group who can all swap the items.

Also if the people are running around with WQ weapons I can only guess that means they do 0 content in the game since there is no way even if a weapon has worse secondary stats the pure main stat upgrade would not be worth swapping it out for a 207 from a mythic dungeon

I cant help but notice the people who are complaining about this new system are the people who are not even running mythic +, You have a grand total of 12 run on this toon and you are surprised you do not have every BIS item?

The way it sounds now is that they are putting Valor in for the upgrades, but capping it, and if they are capping it than no you don’t want to be upgrading anything just because, you want to at least have a semi decent item first.

And if it is capped, based on what has been said, the cost is based on the upgrade meaning it could also be based on how low the item starts. Meaning if you upgrade a 187 > 220 it will cost more than a 207 > 220.

We will see the numbers when people on PTR start giving details. But I can only hope valor is not capped and the cost is not based on the starting iLVL, but only the end result of the upgrade, however if this is anything like PVP it will certainly be capped and cost per iLVL increment, meaning don’t bother upgrading your 187 item unless it is the only slot you are missing and the item is either BiS or close to BiS.

But it is still all RNG no matter how you look at it and if it stays RNG at a maxmimum 40% drop rate per dungeon, assuming there are 10 items per dungeon I can get or swap, 2 drops per dungeon, that’s like an 8% chance or something of getting the one item I want, and if you don’t time it, half that chance.

Than there are the usual tropes, the person who got that slot does not have something at that iLVL, are they guildies or rando who may not even trade, will the dungeon even finish? Does the person in the group have the wrong loot spec chosen? And so on and so forth.

For as long as RNG, and at best for anyone doing under an M15, is 40% chance at best of getting even just a piece of loot, not to mention hoping for the right one or even just the right slot, than PVP is almost always going to be better up to a point.

And if you are able to spam M15 3 chest like it’s nothing to give your group a higher amount of loot per run, than chances are you don’t need anything and neither does anyone in your group.

We have already established carry groups are damn expensive and are almost certainly not currently able to do anything better than timed only, if that, meaning to help carry someone and give them all the loot your group gets, is at best 2 items per run with a low low chance of getting the specific item or slot you want. It’s not like S4 of BFA where you could easily 3 chest on a carry and give someone 5 pieces of loot.

So you get some friends who wear leather or can get the drop you need and run it with them, even if it’s one other person. Again I think this is a system put in place for people who just run M+ keys in the game I don’t think this is meant to be a quick gearing system for alts or things since you need to have the timed keys to do it and if you are someone who pretty much just runs keys all day you most likely have a group of 6-7 people you run keys with all the time.

You complaining about what you are would be like me complaining that I cant just pug a mythic raid group because I don’t know if the loot I need will drop or if we will even kill the bosses.

Once more, you do know your going to need to spam run these dungeons a lot to get to the +15 timed for all of them or farm the points to upgrade the things anyways so I can bet if your spending a few weeks doing all that stuff you are going to get the drops in time be it from the dungeon or from the weekly chest.

I am pretty much just an M+ spammer, I do a mix of M+ and PVP on my alts and it has taken me like a week after hitting 60 on each to then have them geared up in most of their BiS. Do I need to run it 20 times to get a drop maybe but each time you run it you get better at knowing when to pop what CD’s and the best way to tackle some dungeons or whatever works for your group meaning it gets easier and easier each time even if you don’t get the drops and ilvl bumps so you can push into higher keys Again something you are going to need to do anyways if you plan on upgrading the gear you have on higher then it is so I am still confused on what your issue is it looks like you have weeks of grinding out dungeons in your future with a vendor spitting gear out for you or not.


Please note that you will not be able to upgrade items that dropped before patch 9.0.5.

While we have technical reasons for this, we also want to avoid the feeling that you should go through months of item history and stuff your bags and your bank in preparation for this.

In-game, items that can be upgraded will be clearly labeled as such.


I’m glad that you were up-front about this, and thanks for clarifying…


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Important thing to clarify, but like…

Why run keys at all right now, then?


Just being 100% blunt here. On not allowing you to upgrade previously obtained items, This is an absolutely stupid decision. Did you guys not learn the lesson from when you made it so we could buy corruptions? At first you were like “you can’t apply these to items obtained before” and everyone quickly told you how bad of an idea that was. You had the same technical problems then but were able to solve it, why can’t you solve it this time? It sounds like its a “we want you to have to re-farm these dungeons for another 3 months because 9.1 isn’t near ready for release”


At this point I’m almost about to say, “wake me up when 9.2 or even 9.3 comes, and they’ve fixed everything wrong with Shadowlands for real…”


Cool idea ruined by dumb design…

I mean why the hell restrict items obtained before 9.0.5 from being upgradeable? It makes no sense at all…

If they really want to go that route, they should increase amount of loot dropped in M+ significantly to compensate… Base ilvl from end of dungeon chest is a joke anyway, so there’s no harm of more loot dropping…


Because that’s so much more inconvenient than having to refarm the item in the first place…

Keep padding those time metrics…


But… but…

How will I upgrade my Speed set to a reasonable ilevel now?! :frowning:

That’s exactly what it sounds like.

What a kick in the teeth.


Proving again how tone deaf your are to player concerns…


So… I’ve been struggling to get 1 weapon drop (from anywhere), I have 1 M+ weapon drop so far, but you’re telling me I can’t upgrade it. Sounds like a great well thought out system, and I totally am not frustrated about that at all /s.


Because they want to you spend more time refarming all of the items.

The same thing happened with corruption in BfA - and then they fixed the “technical problem”.

The idea of not making players go through months of loot in order to restore gear is insulting at best - players will GLADLY do this instead of having to refarm the items with how bad loot is.

Do I spend 5 minutes going through my loot, or HOURS over WEEKS grinding dungeons? Not a tough choice.


What about the currency cap itself? Will we start off 0/550 or 0/5500 (or whatever Conquest is at the moment).

Of course you’ll start at 0. They’re not going to give you currency for work you put in now when they can make you refarm the dungeons.