So uhh where is my class overhaul?

Been waiting all expansion pack for enhancement Shamans to get a much needed overhaul but I guess that spec has some how been forgotten during the last few patch meetings? :sweat_smile:

I’ve never played classic or vanilla wow but I heard that in shadow lands we would be getting back some totems? Someone please explain what these totems are and if they would benefit enhancement shamans in PvP?

Fixed that for you. They only remember us when we need nerfs.


We got a 3% damage buff a few days ago…

Major Class Overhauls like the ones in Legion were never promised for BFA.


Take a ticket, cause some people are still waiting since Beta. :’)

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A 3% damage buff isn’t what enhancement shamans need

I’m still waiting for Guardian druid feedback responses since 2018


Your totems were a whole variety, and it’s kind of crazy they’re such a small part of being a shaman now.

You had fire totems as mainly offense–working sort of like DoTs, AoEs, makeshift minions (before adding actual fire elementals/etc). Water for mostly healing/mana regen/that kind of stuff. Earth for increased defense/strength (when you had use for it once upon a time), that kind of thing–also tremor totem. Air for agility enhancement/windfury/that stuff.

It’s just a different class now without them. You’ll get some back, though it’ll never be like it was–most spells were totems. And in a way, you should be thankful–it required an addon for management (for me, anyway). And so much more clicking than people do in WoW these days. At the same time, you lost so much utility without them–this is relevant to why shaman is an easy target in PvP.

Well true but, thats what we got.

Enhance is the “Devs dont really know what it should do after taking away totems” class. Its been like that since MoP really. I dont hold out much hope much will change, especially after the last 3 cycles (last two were the worst) of alpha/beta where the Devs didnt take any of the feedback/suggestions from us.

2 timed weapon buffs?
2 spenders?
Multiple sources of damage piecemeal together to give huge, glaring swings in DPS?
Where the Hell are my totems?

Yeah. But at least we got 3%.

Oh. You believed them.