So the only way to solo farm is cheesing/exploiting?

Mara 300+ looks fun. That looks more fun than just grinding mobs in one spot for hours.

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Then why even bother farming? Lol you’re gonna quit in two weeks anyway.


I think herbalism is actually one of the best things in classic WoW and one of the few fun and challenging ways to make gold.

It makes you get out into the world instead of raid logging or instance farming, and it makes you actually experience the uncertainty of world PvP. High risks come with high rewards though and it really does feel good to find black lotus and frequent plaguebloom once you figure it out well enough.

Of course I don’t play on a megaserver either on this character or my main and I can only imagine how much more frustrating it would be on a server like Herod or Faerlina.


There are also plenty of farming methods in WoW that are like that as well but sounds like you’re not very good at the game or you would have figured that out already.

It is! Well I personally find it a lot of fun.

Definitely a bit cheesy with the ability to manipulate pathing but still tons of fun!

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Agreed, Blizzard needs to acknowledge and fix these teleport and fly hacks:

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FWIW, I never believe people that claim to be quitting if they are just playing until their current sub is up. People who really quit don’t want to play the game anymore. If you are still playing now, you are going to resub when your time runs out.


When you immediate response is “you bad!” it means you are clearly butthurt about the criticism that it is being made, stop being a fanboy.

You are going to be disappointed.

To all the others… what farming methods are outthere that don’t requiere this crap?, I don’t think they are possible, the game is gated group content and there is barely anithing you can do solo that is instanced.

Farming materials is also bad, I have to compete with teleport/fly hackers, bots and on top of that the amount of resources is lower than the population needs.

Just stop giving this guy advice, he never takes it anyway lol. Just let him ride out his two weeks and “quit”

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Stop responding to my threads then, you can’t because you are my number 1 fan and you are desperate for my attention.

Because I actually enjoy the game and find your obliviousness impossible to ignore.

Also, I’m willing to bet 100g that I see you here posting your inane ramblings in 17 days.

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See?, don’t worry dude, I am here reading you.

Oh I know you are. For someone not invested in the game you sure respond really fast lol.

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Please rebump my post again.

People who are really quitting actually quit, they don’t make announcements on the forums. People who say they’re quitting on the forums are just desperate for attention.


I actually like to leave my criticism for garbage products before stop using them for other people to see.

Uh-huh, sure. Because people on the WoW forums are clearly going to be unaware of any flaws in the game. If you actually wanted to leave feedback for other people to see, then it would be on review sites where, y’know, people go for user reviews of games.

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Agree, and will add that I think there is also a self motivation component… “I’m really gonna quit this time… I mean it!”.


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That’s classic bro. That’s how it be