So the Arbiter alone (spoilers)

Dictated where the souls went for all for Shadowlands…and for these Attendants of the Purpose it never occurred to them that it’d be a problem if somebody or something threw a wrench into the works by taking out the Arbiter?

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To be fair, the system functioned as designed and was not able to be thrown outta wack for literally “Countless Eons”. It’s not like anything we have ever set up has lasted even a fraction of that so I am not sure we really have room to criticize.


Ask the purpose I guess? Since it break down I’m guessing the purpose want it to break down. :thinking:

Not to mention that all the while, there’s apparently been a six-way war between the cosmological forces for control of creation, and it still took an internal conspiracy to take her out. It’s kind of impressive.


Also a good point! I sometimes feel like people just want to crap on the story, and don’t even realize how silly they sound with some of these criticisms.


I just find it amazing that the soul filtering nexus was designed to just funnel all the souls into the hell-furnace of the underworld by default when something goes wrong.

…couldn’t you have just flipped a switch to divert them somehow?

Better that souls go into the wrong plain them for them ALL just to end up in the last place you’d want them to.

Well, the maw was not always the Maw, and the Jailor was not always given that moniker. At some point, back when the First Ones actually constructed the Shadowlands, it may of been a far more pleasant place.


What happens when the dam diverting the river to irrigate the fields breaks?


You blame whoever looks after the dam.

Sure, First Ones have bad foresight, but what happens to the river naturally, by sheer nature and gravity?

Goes to where it used to go to

Something tells me souls don’t flow like water.

Even if it did it just make them look even more stupid.

What you’re supposed to take away from the sum of:

  1. The maw used to not be the Maw
  2. Zovaal is reclaiming what’s his
  3. There is an empty platform in the Crucible of Oribos where all the other eternals can project their image
  4. He’s the only one other than the Primus that looks “normal WoW Death power” related

Is that Zovaal is probably “indigenous” to Death, whereas all the others (except maybe the Primus) were created by the First Ones and that the Eternals took his agency away and then banished him


Find it funny that the arbiter is literally a machine with no personality.

My biggest problem with it after actually seeing the cutscene is they, for some bloody reason, designed it with the proverbial error catching at the bottom being super hell instead of some kind of endless waiting room. I hope whichever engineer put that together got fired.

may HAVE.

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Seems like you’d rather look for blame. As far as we know, there was no solution to this to put in place.

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To be honest, how do we even know the default is to just send everything to the Maw? The Arbiter gets blasted by a red meteor and malfunctions and then all the souls go to the Maw. For all we know the red meteor had an effect to force her to send them all there as her last act or something.

I assumed from the cinematic it wasn’t so much defaulting to it but that without direction they fall into the Maw since it’s underneath. Like the arbiter was a dam and the meteor broke it open to resume normal flow.


Question is though, who fired the meteor? It sure didn’t come from the Maw.

True, though to be fair, given how powerful a being the Arbiter probably was, it seemed easier said than done.