So the 6/2 Brew buffs

Do you think that was a typo and it was supposed to be ww buffs instead?

Does brew need damage help? I thought they were pumping?


Blizz has gotta be trolling at this point. If you scroll down the change notes, you’ll see some next level stupidity.

Blizz is buffing WDP for PvP only, but also said they don’t want it to be a significant portion of our damage.


wdp gonna thump for 55k what you mean??

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First off to say they’re buffing an ability to make it feel impactful, but not wanting it to be a significant portion of our damage profile is dumb. They’re buffing it by 80%. I don’t see it being an insignificant portion of our damage.

Second, they could have just flat buffed WDP. We haven’t taken it since it got slapped with a nerf for no reason during pre-patch, and it’s not like we couldn’t use the extra damage.

Third, to bring WDP back into relevancy at this time is odd just because we have so many frequently buttons for PvP already. We have TP, EH, roll, BoK, FoF, Chi Wave/Burst, RSK, Int, Sweep, FLS, Disable, SCK (for procs), and SotWL. Now we have to fit WDP in.

If Blizz wanted us to do more damage in PvP, they could have just reverted some nerfs to our talent tree to help us in PvE too.


The best change we can have is a reroll to another class. Major savings on the sub actually


The funny thing about the tuning thread is every class is posting in it about how their class sucks.

WW, enhance, feral, havoc, and arms are all saying they have the worst ST and they suck.

BM is saying they only have ST and they suck because so much of the game is aoe.

It’s fun to read.


The amount of stupidity of that blue post absolutely blows my mind.

Little too late for an April fools joke tbh.

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Yea its gonna be like 90k max with all cds up, when RSK hits for 100k+ (in pvp)

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huh? enhance, feral and arms all rip on ST. i play all of these specs lmfao. what? havoc has always famously been bad at single target damage, though i do think it’s generally “fine” at the moment. it is factually ahead of windwalker.

Considering WCL shows feral, havoc, and enhancement all similar/worse than WW on ST (arms a bit higher) I guess it’s all good?

Since you’re saying those specs are fine.

That’s the whole point though, a bunch of classes all feel they are the worst.

Will the tiger palm buff be enough to use it in single target over spinning crane kick?

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You generally use TP as filler in ST and SCK in AOE except during the WoO EK SCK SCK ramp

Keep in mind that last week saw Blizzard fix a bug that was present for the entirety of Shadowlands and season 1 of Dragonflight. Weapons of Order was a flat damage amp to everything, including trinkets and cantrip effects. This interaction caused brewmasters to hold the cooldown so it lined up with Beacon and Djaruun for insane amounts of damage.

That single change took brewmaster from competitive with prot paladin to one of the lower DPS tanks with a single reset, introducing threat issues the spec previously had not experienced. This week’s buffs were compensation for that change.