So since they confirmed RDF for ICC

I can’t find the blue post confirming RDF. Can anybody help me out?

No, see, only the things Blooddrunk arbitrarily doesn’t like count, obviously :roll_eyes:

It’s not. He’s stretching more than an Olympic gymnast.

There is none as far as I know? They only said they would add it in a interview that is still (Unlisted) on youtube on their WoW account.

no it doesnt, people are yelling for dal ports at all times of the day. thats super socialization right there. plus locks can get tips right at the door of violet hold lol. its a good time! social! fun!

Here you go, it’s on the PTR right now.

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So we will be able to queue RDF for heroic+ too? Now I did not expected that I expected those to be like retail Mythic+ and requiring to make your own group for them.

Correct, gotta give Blizzard props for this round of patching.

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For once… I gotta say if they actually manage to pull that off I’ll have to give them props 100%

I cannot wait to see them do the same if they do Cataclysm Classic, can you imagine how difficult Cataclysm Heroic will be with Gamma? I cannot wait to wipe none stop, it will be fun.

That worked out so well the first time. So many players quit Blizz nerfed the Heroics to the ground.

Keep that Mythic garbage out of Classic. But they won’t. They’ll just expand it even more.

Just wait til they announce lfr for cata “classic” at blizzcon. Lmao

Why are there still arguments happening over this? It’s settled, move on.

It’s a cata system so who knows, maybe it’ll show up with DS release in cata classic.

Doesn’t matter though, given the ambiguous nature of how people treat the title “Classic”.

And they have to put rewards in them that you cant ignore. You can ignore the gear, but you cant ignore the other reward.

Just like with LFR was claimed to be a success and i think Ghostcrawler said that just because something is being played doesnt mean its a success because they put rewards in it that people couldnt ignore like being able to get tier faster. When they took those out of LFR and just had generic looking gear and nothing of any value they didnt do well but people maybe running them once to where they went back to just being recolors of and giving tier sets.

One person’s opinion

Pretty accurate opinion. WOTLK was one of the last expansions blizzard was ever willing to boast about their population numbers. Ever since then, they are real… REAL quiet on the population numbers. I’d be surprised if there is even 2million players worldwide. Which is trash compared to the 11+ million held back during WOTLK.

Is that why they are still around this many years later still making a profit not to mention how many other expansions since Wrath?

Don’t get me wrong I am not saying which xpac is better or worse but I am saying it is a little silly to state one xpac from 15 years ago was all a company had and then it “died” when said company is still active and still producing new content (and has been) on a regular basis.

wow never died
game is still profiting in both classic/retail
lots of people are playing & Having fun.

the numbers declined but that never killed wow.

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That’s completely different, it was normal Heroic who was supposedly too hard, not a optional (Higher difficulty) dungeon above heroic which did not exist back then.

Also people mentality changed quite a lot since OG WOTLK/Cataclysm I bet even the pre-nerf Cataclysm dungeons wouldn’t be a major issue, I don’t remember them being that hard really.

Why though? It seem to be bake into the RDF what is the issue here? If you don’t like it just don’t queue for it, why you would want LESS ways to get better gear if you can simply queue for it?

I find this ironic really since I never did a SINGLE mythic dungeon ever since they were introduce to the game, same for Mythic+ I hate them a lot, since I cannot queue for them using RDF so I never bother with them it did not interest me, but now that I can queue for them I’m willing to give them a try.

Because it wasnt in Wrath. Do you agree with this stuff being in vanilla? Them making it so you dont have to eat/drink after every other normal mob out in the world? making it so that doing dps wasnt just 1 button spam?

Its not about gear, you can get just as good or better gear without setting foot in these difficulties, but you will fall behind the rest of the pack in the current raid tier if you dont. A week of H+ dailies will give you more emblems of Frost than doing 10 or 25m ICC full clear. You have to get tier gear from emblems and then upgrade them. So if you DONT do these dungeons you just fall behind.

I really do not understand how people that play the game cant understand this. When you over double the acquisition of current tier emblems then you are making that content mandatory if you are wanting to stay on par with everyone else. If you dont care about falling behind and possibly being benched, sure, just do heroics. Buf it you want to stay on par with your raid you have to do these difficulties. In fact you might have to do 10 and 25m ICC and Toravon, the weeklies in ICC (both of them) the weekly raid AND your heroic daily on gamma protocol.

You literally dont have to do mythic 0 difficulty, but you do have to do M+ if you are looking for bis or even just good items that are good for certain classes. Death Knights wanted to do a dungeon for a trinket because it was just insanely good. So that meant a +20 for the best possible version. Sure you could not doing, but you are just hurting yourself by not doing it because it was such a huge dps increase until they nerfed it the next season.

Having them available in RDF won’t make H+ more fun. Affixes are still going to be gimmicking and annoying, we’ll just be able to skip the initially problem of getting into them in the first place.

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