So, new rogue player

So I’ve toyed with rogue till about 30-40 several times. It’s a fun class, but I find eventually I start doing more group content/dungeons and I feel like I’m making zero impact at all.

It’s dissuaded me from sticking with them. I just apply dots and wait on energy to spam the same attacks for combo points, and half the time my dots are pointless cause burst DPS kills mobs in seconds, rendering me somewhat…useless.

Vs bosses I feel more useful, but all in all I just feel like I make no impact dps wise at all. I’ve done trial class at 110 and I found it’s the same issue…lots of DOTs but all I do is tab through mobs to make sure their DOTs are applied and spam combo builders…

Am I missing something? I feel like I most certainly am. I see rouges telling stories of epic fights, doing tons of damage and even some burst…and I’m waiting for 5 combo points to maybe pull off a tiny burst of damage.

Yes, the class is balanced around max level with azerite traits and essences. Anything below that is irrelevant.

At lower levels, you really don’t make much an impact.

At lower levels, I don’t even bother with DoTs. As you said, it’s pointless with all the burst dps from other classes.

You just have to plow your way to max level or may do a character boost.

Yeah…I’m considering doing a boost with rogue. I’m sort of dreading the idea of grinding to 110-120 with dots!

But It’s fun so far so I’ll keep going.

At 110 it’s not so bad because you have all of your talents and skills. If you boost, you actually start with a decent set of gear and your neck starts at level 50.

I think this is incorrect, I recently boosted to 110 and my neck wasn’t level 50 until I hit 120 and then I had to do a few quests to be able to talk to magni to get it to 50.

The boost has been boosted. It now takes you to 120, not 110 and equips u up to 390 and lvl 50 neck

Ok , I was just saying because the other poster was talking about the 110 boost not the 120.

I recently bought BFA and it came with a 110 boost :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe it was a 120 boost. The one you get for pre ordering Shadowlands

Well I was planning on getting it most likely, I just don’t know if I wanna spend it on boosting a rogue. May as well since the grind sounds real…and there’s no other class I wanna boost anyway. I boosted a paladin once for BfA and regretted it…so rogue should work!

All dot-centric specs struggle to make a contribution in group content where everything flops over in moments. This isn’t unique to the rogue class and in fact, it’s even more felt by specs whose dots are tied to cast times.

Try outlaw if this really bothers you. You can swap to whichever spec you prefer when mobs begin lasting long enough to justify applying dots.

Okay, I have one of those I haven’t used yet. :slight_smile: