So MM is more than 10% behind every other class in ST damage

Might be time to rework Lone Wolf into something that actually gives a big damage amp, or just double it’s bonus from 10% to 20%.

OR, the best option, revert windrunners guidance.


Don’t you mean a simple aura buff?

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This is a terrible option lol

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Make Aimed Shot Great Again. Applying Hunter’s Mark should have a chance to reset Aimed Shot charges.


This. Aimed Shot should feel like a powerful ability. It needs to be worth the cast time, and worth being stationary.

My lesser geared warrior can now instant for more, sometimes twice as much, damage every 3rd GCD. Heck, every toon I’ve leveled so far can do something that makes Aimed look a little weak these days.


Yes, they brought AiS damage down too far and adjusting it will go a long way in addressing some concerns.

What happened with MM it looked fine for a few weeks after 10.2, but has dropped fast?

Their AoE damage/fort week damage is ‘ok’.

Their single target damage is abysmal.

Then MM doing better with M+, but most data from raid encounters.

I do believe the “scaling” to be the problem, hence it felt really good at first, when people didn’t have much gear; now, however, its pretty much lower than any class/spec.

Which as a handy protip: M+ is the benchmark of PvE. If MM is doing better there that’s quite better than the other way around.

Like chaos bolt. That thing feels really powerful when it hits.

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It’s got nothing to do with scaling and is simply a case of a tier set that does very little for st on a spec that already did abysmal st when they didn’t give compensation buffs for the wrg change


the corresponding buff to make up for the difference in Windrunner’s Guidance would need to be absolutely massive.

Probably the most fun that spec felt in a really long time tbh.

It was very powerful at the beginning of the season tho. My issues came when pushing high end content; but yes I think you’re right, locking the spec on a layer of RNG upon RNG is just not good.

in raid? it was all pad on gnarlroot inflating statistics, and in m+ high burst in low keys always looks good to someone just looking at details overalls

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I would say it performed better in M+. Yes it has a better output in AoE; +20s did a lot better than a lot of classes/specs, not now though… You would assume it would scale accordingly but alas, it did not. Such it’s the nature of RNG I suppose.

none of what you just said made any sense I think you are a bit confused tbh

I think the DMG gap between CD usage needs to be checked. We fall off too much outside of trueshot and that’s where the issue is.

Other burst profile spec burst better and higher, which compensates. MM doesn’t have that

Lol! Got an answer in mind from another thread saying it was good at the beginning of the season.

I agree with whatever it’s been said about MM in this thread though.

Edit: Well I don’t think I was so lost though:

I answered this and it’s not necessarily true. It did performed well in AoE weeks on 20s.

I answered this as well. It’s because MM is tied to an insane amount of RNG, which is if you don’t get the procs, it will obviously pale in front of every other class/spec.