So many warriors...yet so few tanks?


It’s settled folks, based on a sample size of 7!


I’m sorry, did my offering my recent experience offend you? Or are you normally this pleasant?


Hey the first 7 people I encountered on my walk to work this morning were Asian (they were coming off a bus), so clearly I live in Asia not Chicago? Am I doing it right?

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Warriors like to fight not surprise they are not tanking.


Like retail there is not a shortage of tanks, so much as there is a shortage of tanks that are willing deal with pugs.


Looking at your activity, I can see you’re just here to annoy anyone you can, so have fun :slight_smile:


Ever try hearding cats? It takes a good amount of energy, awareness, and patience to tank for pubs. Theres been a few times were I want to run a dung, have the time, but not the energy were if I dps’d I could just face roll


Damage meters.

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Warriors are one of the most played classes.

Tanks aren’t one of the most played roles.


There is no need to be prot to tank. This isn’t retail :). Go ahead and give it a shot as arms.


It’s interesting, this thread. I have seen people complain about this in chat… “10,000 warriors first week, 10 tanks week 3”

Yep, that’s a quandry… answered by three things:

  1. Many of tose warriors are still low level… it’s slow going and many are switching around toons to mix it up.

  2. Those that do tank often enough deal with modern players thinking they can pull for the tank, not DPS the marking rotation, etc. Why tank when people make it not fun to do so?

  3. Your post mentions only warriors… that’s a problem because you would have more of a pool available if you considered Druid and Pali tanks… but “Oh no… Warriors are the best…” I see Druids and Palis saying they are passed over for tanking spots… and posts saying they cant get Warrior tanks. All through leveling… there really isn’t any issue with any of the tanking classes to run dungeons effectively.


considering how rarely people use CC when lvl’ing…

ill go with option 2: warrior try to take on yellow-orange quest instead of sticking to the best XP : green mob and green quest.


From my own personal experience…tanking with guild mates is usually enjoyable. Tanking in a pug group is a crap shoot. I will typically run a dungeon once, maybe twice. 9 times out of 10 I’m going to make the run with guild mates. I don’t know about all those warriors that show up on the census, but I would think a number of them probably feel the same.


This. This so much.

Gratitude early on would’ve gone a long way. Instead, we got hostility. This is why we don’t tank your pugs.


Warriors are tanking their group members more than mobs in dungeons.


Tanked 3 runs. 2 WC and 1 SFK. Wont EVER do that again. Sperg DPS that dont know what agro is, bad attitude heals at 93% mana complaining I pulled a single mob while they drink. and EVERYONE losing their minds the second a mob peels off me because they cant target the marked mobs in order. Never again till im 60 and in Guild runs.


roll a tank


Given that my rage resets every time I stance switch you are kind of obligated to pick a stance and stick with it; it would be kind of like having your pet die as soon as you use arcane shot as a hunter because your crossing the streams between beast master and marksman.




Five points in Tactical Mastery and suddenly you’ve got moves like Jagger.