So many warriors...yet so few tanks?


Funny thing is…that gear is mostly leather, that leaves a lot of angry rogues and druids in its wake when they have to roll against warriors for leather OR the warriors have to wait until thier core classes are geared which results in mediocre DPS from such warriors for most of thier raiding life.

This fury is best DPS garbage has to stop. Yes they can be top DPS, but most reasonable players won’t have anything to do with warriors taking leather over rogues and feral druids.


Warrior rage is horrible in classic ,atleast until higher levels and tanking is just annoying for us with all the AoE… i pull agro off of warrior tanks and usually the one that ends uo tanking the group with my WW and cleave …

  • Warrior is excellent DPS at high level.

  • Tanking can be intimidating and has a learning curve.

  • Tanking for people who immediately want to begin DPS on their own target and pull aggro just to blame the tank is frustrating.


Actually this is false. It’s the other way around. Kevin Jordan, who designed the freaking classes, recounts this differently. Classes were supposed to be more varied and take advantage of personal play style with different talents and gear. But what ended up happening is that a small group of min/maxing theorycrafters specified roles for each class and then the herd unthinkingly went along…because they love when others do the thinking for them. So what happened is that Blizz ended up itemizing the tier sets based around how people were playing the classes. If Shaman was predominantly being played as a healer in raids, then let’s give them gear that lets them do that better. If people had bee heavily enhancement, then T3 may have been an enhancement set. But the meta became a self-fulfilling prophecy because Blizz was just giving people the gear to do the roles they “seemed to want to do.

Warriors were always going to be the end game tank, but he also talks about how he was most proud of that class for taking it from a no DPS meat bag in EQ to a very capable DPS class as well as a more interesting tank.


What census you been viewing? Online characters at 60 on multiple servers is almost 2 mages to every other class (with the ratio going 4 to 1 for some less popular classes). So maybe there’s a ton of LOW LEVEL warriors, but they are a grind to level, and a lot won’t make it.


Exactly, I spent a bunch of time going through screenshots from MC all the way through Naxx a few weeks ago when I kept hearing how “DPS warriors” were TOP DPS and how Druids / Paladins were great off tanks. I literally had 100’s upon 100’s of screenshots (no idea why I loved pressing that button so much back then). But the one thing I never saw in the top 12-15 DPS in a 40 man raid (as that’s what my dmg meter showed) was a SINGLE Warrior. I saw mages, I saw rogues, I saw hunters, and I saw warlocks. No warriors, priests, druids, paladins, etc. So where are these “mythical” warriors of Vanilla who were the TOP DPS with raids taking 10 of them (another number I’ve seen posted)?

And oh yeah, we didn’t have a single Druid / Paladin OT. That’s the role we drug along warriors for.

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Stance dancing is a core skill for playing a Warrior in Classic, as it was in original WoW 15 years ago. This is true regardless of spec. You are not playing a stance, you are playing a class and spec. Switching stances costs zero gold and if you are actually spending your rage and properly talented, it shouldn’t cost you too much Rage.

If you have Battle Stance - and as a Warrior, you do - and refuse to use it, you are doing it wrong.


It’s because people treat us like crap.

I was doing some SM Armory runs on Saturday and for the most part it was a good day. Finished In the Name of the Light to get Bonebiter, and got both Herod’s Shoulder and Raging Berserker’s Helm. Only a single run went really badly, and I still feel bad about it because of how much of a big meanie (edited for profanity) the group leader was. Or maybe I just suck idk.

I posted a LFG for SM arm in Ironforge general chat saying that I could tank or dps. I got invited to a group immediately. Mind you, at this point the group leader seemed chill and never gave any indication that he wanted to be super hardcore and aoe farm the dungeon. I thought this was just a slow and steady SM arm run like I had done before, pull 1 or 3-4 mobs at a time, control runners and adds. Steadily clear the dungeon without rushing and pulling too many.

I was tanking as a warrior. We had cleared about 5-6 mobs from the beginning outdoor area, when the group leader (healer) told me that we were going too slow, and that I should just pull the whole room. I guess this guy had watched some videos on twitch or youtube and saw people aoe farming SM killing 10 mobs at a time, so he thought we should be doing the same. We did not have the group composition to pull that off, so I did not listen to him because pulling the remaining 10 mobs in the room all at once would surely wipe us. There is no way for me to hold threat on that many mobs. We cleared the room and the healer insisted that we go faster and I pull more, I was coming down with a cold and feeling woozy, and was also feeling rattled by this guy, so I wasn’t even in a state to focus on trying to tank so many mobs. I really just wanted to clear groups of 3-4 slow and steady. Again, when I was invited to the group there was no mention made of any expectation to aoe farm the place, if I had been told that I would be expected to be a 100% pro at that I would have declined the group invite.

The healer insisted that I pull more. I ran downstairs and pulled 7 mobs, and ran them to the foot of the stairs where my group at the top the stairs could use aoe on them. They did not wait a single second to let me build threat, and after the frost nova disappeared most of the mobs began running up the stairs towards the aoe dps and healer. My challenging shout was on cooldown, utterly impossible to hold threat. The fight continued at the top of the stairs, but there were adds from below. Soon we were fighting 10 mobs and it was clear we would wipe. After we wiped I told the healer that we could not handle that many mobs, and he told me that it was my fault and we would have been fine if I had los pulled the caster mobs upstairs. I admit that was an error, but either way we would have been wiped by the initial group of 7 because there was no way to hold threat on that group, and once the mobs are not neatly packed together you can kiss aoe dps goodbye, not to mention the healer has an impossible job now to heal me, the dps, and himself. It’s just stupid to pull so many mobs with the group composition that we had.

The healer insisted that we could do it, and I felt defeated and incompetent because I just had no idea how I could hold aggro on so many mobs simultaneously when dps goes full throttle immediately. This guy wants me to perform like some 100% pro he saw on twitch, I’m still learning how to play properly.

Well some warrior posted a LFG in the SM general chat saying he could tank an aoe farm group, and I got kicked from the group by the healer (who was the leader). I’m guessing he invited that other guy.


“44 DPS war lfg ZF”

“LF1 dps Mara”
“need a dps war?”

“Hey want to tank ulda?”
“I don’t have a 1h or shield sorry”

Even while leveling I’ve noticed that about half of all Warriors refuse to tank.


I just rolled a Prot Warrior last night I’ll be leveling him up shortly


I have a level 31 warrior which I have put on the bench right now and am leveling a warlock.

The reason I’d say most don’t tank is that it’s just a bit odd right now. People are blazing through dungeons. I constantly have to struggle with keeping more than 3 mobs on me. We don’t reallly bother with CC anymore.

Another reason I’d imagine people don’t want to do it is that endgame there are very few tanking slots in a raid. So you spend all your time tanking only to hear how every guild already has their tanks, so you need to focus on DPS. Might as well focus on trying to get that gear and learn how to do that properly.


Tanking is a tough job, especially when everyone wants to bring the gogogo rushing mindset from retail or spam dungeons and AOE. Not wait for aggro because they don’t need to sometimes, not let the tank pull, etc.

Also there’s no flexing like you can if you’re DPS


Also as a lot of others put, a big part of the problem is the mentality now. Whether it’s returning players, or retail players coming to classic, a big issue is this mentality that the tank should be able to charge in, do a single ability and have all the mobs glued to him. That’s how it works in retail, charge, thunderclap, good luck pulling off of me. In classic, you better let me get at least a sunder on every mob, and 2 or 3 on the skull before you go ballistic. But due to the AoE cleave group mentality, no one has patience for that and just go balls to the walls while you’re still thinking about pulling LoS or charging a group. It’s what they’ve seen on twitch, it’s how it works in retail, git gud tank! And this is why my warrior sits at level 44 abandoned. I love tanking, but no way I’m putting up with this abuse for something I’m supposed to “enjoy.” I’ll quest it to 60 later when I am bored, but for now, melee DPS class it is.


The real reason.


I’ve noticed this too.

I’ll go into RFK and put something on skull. I’ll charge in, get a sunder up on skull and then tab to another target. Get a sunder up and the third mob is running off to the warlock who went after that one.

Warlock runs away. I chase after it. Skull is now attacking the rogue. The second mobs is going after the healer. I get the third mob on the warlock on me with a taunt.

I just don’t know what to do in these situations. There isn’t a working threat meter that I can find. But tanking sometimes feels like my groupmates aren’t even my allies lol.


Recount is the reason.


couple things here
1: lots of warrios are leveling as a dps spec since it means easier leveling, warriors are notoriously slow levelers, tanking spec the slowest
2: because of the spec they are leveling as, a lot dont know much about tanking, dont want to tank, or want to enjoy the dps aspect before end game happens
3: Warriors are not just the best tanks in the end game, but amazing dps. If you are having problems there are 2 other classes that can tank effectively enough as well, try one of them.
4: Blizzard did NOT make it clear that the role of warriors is tank only, I played a fury war in vanilla and raided all content just fine. Warriors were known as rogues in plate for a reason.
5: Minor aspects that are also contributing to lots of warriors, non willing to tank are lack of tank knowledge, they only doing what a streamer is, they dont have a shield, they will but not for strangers, retail mentality toward tanking vs how classic works etc etc etc

if you are looking for a basic dungeon, find a druid tank, there are plenty, if you know a person who says they are a paladin tank, take them, a well skilled pally tank is AMAZING, especially for aoe. if you get a warrior for dps, dont try and pigeon hole him, ask him if he is willing to tank and leave it be if he says no.


Because many many players do not tank for pugs. We can build groups from friends list and guild, so pugs aren’t needed.


Easy to pick warrior when just hitting a poll button. It is another thing entirely when leveling begins.


i eventually will try my hand at this but for now… as a solo leveler going full prot isn’t going to serve me any benefit… so it’s full dps for now. but ya, i plan on switching over at 60 and trying my hand at tanking before i make my decision if i like it or not.

to add to this, i finally gave up hoping plate would drop randomly and caved and bought four pieces between 40-43 plate off the ah last night… it feels like it helps my survival.

but ya. i will never have a mount… well… not before 50 at least hah. f’ing warrior’s expensive.