So many warriors...yet so few tanks?


Every poll that I’ve viewed shows that the warrior class is by far the most played class…yet my Horde groups and raids seem to have trouble finding tanks.

Why is that?

Gear in Naxxramas and other raids show that the warrior’s armor sets are built for tanking, not dps. Like how the Shaman/Priest sets are built for healing and not dps. Blizzard made it VERY clear…crystal clear…what role your class will be doing in end game content. Why then are warriors the most played class in the entire game…yet we cannot find tanks?


Because you people treat them like garbage.

(Feuerhuf) #3

I think this is partly the reason. The other reason is simply “but muh deeps!”.


Because Asmongold plays a fury woyer.


Whatever Blizzard intends for a class doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to be pigeonholed into that role… mostly. There’s a resurgence of cat druids (which are arguably the best suited for damage of all the other hybrids) and of course fury warriors, as Fury is among the best DPS in the game when they have the gear.

As with many specs, they don’t bother with tier sets and go for raw itemization.


Seems like a lot of them just don’t want to tank. I’ve taken to /who for tanks and am turned down more times than not.


Go watch any class guide video or something of the like on youtube and they are all the same: warriors are the best tanks/top tier dps/monster in pvp/hard to level. People tend to see “best dps” and get fixated on it. To an extent with tanking too but they don’t realize that this really only applies to raids and the odds of maintanking a raid are quite low unless you run your guild or are an officer/play more than most in your guild.


I can’t speak for others, but for myself around RFD the likelihood of aoe groups skyrocketed, and even if a run I tank goes really smoothly and quickly, losing aggro to mages/locks and probably even melee cleave on every pull feels miserable. I’m prepared to tank if/when the situation calls for it, but I kind of dread it now, whereas I had the occasional irrational fear of a specific dungeon (Gnomer) but runs turned out pretty great when everyone had to use single target stuff.

I’d much rather let a druid or pally tank, even one 3-4 levels down, than chase down every mob as blizzard or RoF yanks aggro.


Warriors are pretty good at dps, if your having trouble finding dungeon tanks. Why not look for a paladin or druid. Both are as good as a warrior in dungeon content.


Would you want to tank for mouth breathers?


I play Horde…so Paladin isn’t an option. As for Druid…every poll shows that Druid is by far the least played class in the game, we are talking single digits in terms of percentages. lol


I very rarely join other people’s groups since it only takes about 10 minutes to form my own. If I join your group, are you going to want to spend 45 minutes farming non-elites outside the instance? Are you planning to do some long escort quest? Skip bosses? Switch instances at the last minute to one I have no desire to run? Etc.

It’s just better to form my own group.


Leveling a prot warrior in classic is about as much fun as getting a molten lead enema; you have no self heals to give yourself staying power, your damage is pitiful and your damage reduction mostly makes your death take longer.


Id rather not tank in general, the community has a tendency of treating tanks like slaves. That being said people just need to get over it, expecting there to be tanks ready and waiting for you whenever you want.


I have never had a molten lead enema so I cannot make a direct comparison. But I have leveled warriors a few times in this game – what is supposed to be hard about it? I mean, my dps is fine in any spec. The only issue is that I have no CC, but’s not a major problem for leveling.


Shaman tank.


The lack of CC hurts warrior tanks a lot when soloing since it means that humanoid enemies invarably begin wandering which is a serious problem due to them bringing back more enemies, and without good Aoe support (to be clear, I’m level 23 atm and the only thing I have is cleave which is extremely expensive in terms of rage cost-effect) that simply means I can’t kill them quickly enough to be overwhelmed.

Like I knew this was going to be challenging but it’s at the point where I essentially need to have another player partied with me regularly in order to avoid hanging out with the spirit healer as much as I have been.


I think it’s mostly a combination of the tanking role being a bit intimidating for players and that those who decide to try it might be having really miserable first experiences due to DPSers not holding back and not letting the tank build proper threat.

Once the tank player gets some experience and learns to manage rage properly he can build threat a lot faster and generally hold aggro pretty well even when the DPSers don’t give him much time. But many players probably give up on tanking after a few bad experiences so might not even get to that point.


Hamstring the runners when they are around 50 - 40% (depending on how quickly you are killing them). I feel like pulling multiple mobs is an issue for most classes, especially at lower levels. You’re right that is probably harder for warriors, but I don’t think it is that much harder.

One thing that might be helpful – pick up alchemy, or make an alt for it and keep it relevant to your warriors level. The elixirs and health pots are very nice. Also, spirit is a really strong stat for leveling warriors for the health regen.


Warriors don’t have to tank. Priests don’t have to heal. Shaman don’t have to heal. Druids don’t have to heal or tank. Paladins don’t have to heal or tank. And yes, I can already hear all the spreadsheet nerds REEEEEEEEE’ing.

Play what you want. Will it always be optimal? No. But who the hell cares when it’s not necessary in 98% of the game.

Here’s a suggestion. Want more tanks? Then roll them yourselves and stop expecting everyone to wipe your buttocks for you.