So many devs

So Ion was talking about all these new devs and still we have classes that barely get touched and tweaking something by 2% isn’t fixing things. It just feels like classes are bottom of the list importance and they actually should be number 1! Our class is how we experience this world, idc how awesome the world or content is, if the classes playing that content feel like they are being ignored then the content isn’t fun regardless. And it seems like druids are literally the only class that gets the attention and you’re just hurting yourself blizzard, you wonder why sales are down and what not, just please, make ALL classes your main focus, give each class is own dev please, and that would truly be the biggest step in the right direction!


If it matters, I’d rather have a playable class than all these extra forms. Now I can look good while I sit in LFG, though.


I agree. So far, there are 2 most likely options:

  • They have several class developers, but they focus on their main classes and their non-main classes get worked on once per expansion cycle (like Paladins and Mages) or are just left with their expansion start design (like Elemental Shamans). If that is the case, they should simply hire more developers, so that all classes could get improvements more frequently than once at the expansion start. More developers means bigger salary expense, but at the same time more developers = better classes = more players = more subscription gain, which could cover this expense or even provide some profit.
  • They have a developer team that works on chosen 2-4 classes / specs per patch. That could be decent, since there are at least 5-7 major patches per expansion that could potentially cover all classes and specs, but for some reason they decide to work on same classes like Priests and Druids while leaving some specs that ask for attention for months like WW Monks and Resto Shamans unanswered. If so, they simply should work on different classes and specs in different patches, so that every class / spec would get its share of attention during the expansion cycle.

How do druids receive a lot of Dev time/attention? Because sure getting two tier sets this expansion that give a lot less stats then every class and has no interaction with our kit sure was exciting for feral and getting stuck with a placeholder rng casino was “nice”. Also getting released with a class tree that has an alpha build and then our tree stuck in beta format throughout the entirety of this expansion?

But still be left with the only 3 point spender in the class tree and the only one without a covenant ability on it. As well as build your berserk and also having the highest cooldowns on our bursts being 3 minutes on almost all such abilities. Berserk, Incarnation, Convoke etc. and the fact that bears were struggling in 18+ at the start of DF only solved by the second tier set and now we are going back to that. x3 Also Ferals are the only class/spec right now that requires 23+ points to get everything on the class tree to make them viable and a good chunk of those points are put towards something that is useless in cat form.

Also taking till 10.1 to finally give Guardian druids a proper tree. x3 When was the last time you saw feral druid in a RWF compared to other melees? Feral druid has had only 3 blue posts in DF and one of these was just used as an excuse for Blizzards friction and they all were also what every class gets at the start of a major patch. But then huge silence afterwards from any devs, also druid doesn’t have a dev right now lol from what we know.

But suddenly Combat forms are giving us attention? That sure is a leap in logic that has no actual basis besides slapping a model onto us with copy and paste.

But honestly I agree that all classes and specs deserve attention especially elemental shaman, but blizzard preaching that they would pay attention to the player base and ignoring us entirely again by never giving proper feedback or answering players when they bring up flaws in their ideas is indeed frustrating. But yes they do need to put more dev time towards the classes, it’s why I think they shouldn’t add any more class until that is resolved as all classes/specs should be viable for all content.

Not just the select few honestly.


Tbf I probably don’t want “brand new devs” tweaking my class. If they are new they do need time to ramp.


not all devs are class devs man. A lot of them are on art and world teams. Quest writers, coders, world builders, 3d render artists etc. They’ve been steadily working on classes and theres no reason to think the one you want wont be looked at. I also get frustrated with how little attention some classes get, but we have evidence that they’ll get to them eventually


I just want more transparency about which classes and specs are being worked on and when each class or spec could expect a tweaking or rework, especially ones that feel like they’ve gotten zero attention or changes despite players of these classes literally begging them for even a drop of info. I know I’ve been watching these forums like a hawk whenever a new patch is added to the PTR praying for any info on if DK as a whole will get a rework or at least a talent tweaking.


Would love to see a list of changes per spec, MM gotta be at the bottom of that.

Mayhap MM can get a pass in Seeds

This. Hell I don’t even need a specific timeframe just SOMETHING to acknowledge they know our issues.

Even a simple “Hi just touching base to say we are aware of X and it IS being worked on”.


Warlock pets got more love these last few months than the combined specs of DK and Warrior together.

The lack of announcements on the roadmap that more specs are being reworked to match the standard set by Pala-Rogue-DH-etc gives me little hope for 10.2.5 tbh.


Druid players have sat since Legion unable to look at their armor and weapon progression UNLIKE other classes, and on their keystone patch of the Emerald Dream it is yet again warriors/DK’s who get a dedicated legendary weapon.

But here you are crying about it. Balance druids have been sitting on an old moonkin form from Vanilla for over 15 years. They get a new form, and you cry about it.

druids have the shortest memories. you can see the number of changes you have received EVERY PATCH THIS EXPANSION.

starting with the expansion announcement:

then season 4 changes after talent tree updates

pre-expansion updates

10.0.5 update


embers of neltharion content update

fractures in time update

fury of the incarnates update

guardians of the dream update

so i count 9 separate content patch updates.
but DRuIDs dONt RecIEvE a LoT oF DeV tImE/AtTEnTioN

the biggest crybullies in the game.


oh no. look at all the lack of attention we are getting.

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please continue on how neglected your class is just because you didnt get a legendary during your druid dream patch

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Bad revamps is the kind attention we need less off, crybaby. Feral hasn’t been good at any point, guardian was good for a single season since Legion. Balance is trash outside fortified +20s keys and was lowest dps spec in the game last season. The druid class tree is a joke of 3 point talent nodes.


all these changes and youre still mad. lmao
while other classes have received less to none than druids.
touch grass.

literally the most ungrateful group of players.
Blizz bends over backwards for you and youre still here never satisfied.


Imma touch grass by adding you to the ignore list, you sad alt troll. See you never.

Pretty much this. Always crying wolf every new season everyone crying balance druid is bad, then surprise surprise its not.

Idk man, DK talent tree received 1 set of changes all expansion or something, Prot warrior got like 0 changes, Fury-arms 1 or something.


WW monk on the other hand … could really use some help …

Versatility is literally better than mastery for us in literally every way.

Faeline stomp (aka rune of power monk edition) still exists.

The class tree still has talents that are poorly thought out, poorly pathed, and that people never ever take.

looking at wind walking for example.

It’s completely unfeasible to actually use in every way. And then on top of that it sucks. (4%)


Unsure if this have been mentioned before but Druids, Warlocks or any class getting visual assets aren’t detracting from class balances and the such.

There are different teams, responsible for different things in the game, if the Art team makes cool new animations/skins for Demons or Druids don’t mean “oh no guys, combat design team can’t buff/nerf specs anymore”.

Honestly, my guess is Combat Design is focused on WW Hero Talents and have 10.2 Class Balance changes on Life Support.

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I really hope their focus is not on hero talents for WW at the moment. If it is they are just building more talents with a base that really needs a rework. Starting from a good foundation is they way to go. WW has received no major changes to the talents since DF beta…