So long Leavers, Hello AFKers

They fixed or are fixing the Leaver issue. So when players get mad they dont leave nope, now they afk throwing the match turning it into a 2v3.

Its best not to speak in RSS, dont wanna anger players or make them angry at you… cost you matches out of your 6.

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So did you leave your 17 games because you were angry or because you wanted to keep your mmr


because he’s bad.

whoo honey, dont be like that towards random internet player #254820483093.

I never get mad!!! Just have fun and laughs! If I am in a match and someone is being a jerk, I just RP walk around, let them 2v3. I am not helping jerks win lol.

this already happens a lot


I get my 1800 moggies every season, I leave all the E-peen measuring, hardcore stuff to the real pvpers. Ya know, the cave dwellers, pale skin from lack of sunlight, pimples, fedora hats, they like to wear capes in public, they smell like discarded burger wrappers, and a citrus hint from mountainous dews with BO.


Been doing my public service, trying to push as a healer all day. Tied a few games with the other healer, but whenever I get a 4/5 match going into the 6th round, instantly someone leaves like clockwork. It is impossible to push as a healer atm since DPS just fume, or other healer doesn’t wanna lose rating. Literally had someone admit he was going to leave round 2 just because he was the obvious focus target. The only game I actually went 5/6 on, I still got 0 rating cause people were lower rating then me, and I am only 1600ish. I get that happens to people in the 2000s, but why would I even que at this point. Hope they give something to healers to help with rating pushing cause tie 0 rating, tie 0 rating, tie 0 rating, leaver, tie 0 rating, 0 rating 5/6 win, tie 0 rating, is getting annoying.


I thought Blizz fixed it? Or do we gotta wait till tuesday reset patch, and they stop leaving?


Had 2 leaver matches back to back bout 5 minutes before this post, 0 rating changes all accross the scoreboard.

Leaving causing a loss in mmr happens Tuesday with resets. The rest of the changes are in 10.0.5

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I definitely go “grab drinks” when a dps tilts me. So already doing whats needed

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That’s cool. Go ahead and AFK, because it’ll be even easier to watch your rating tank. And even easier to report you for intentional gameplay sabotage. I look forward idiots who do stuff like that getting banned.

Maybe they can take the time off to touch grass.

You have this completely wrong.

They wear trench coats. Not capes.

mad cause bad.

I’ll have you know that women love accessories such as a nice fedora and cape. Not to mention the pale skin reminds them of twilight, and the smell of fine dining and natural BO is irresistible. Get out of here you not nerd.

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Get tilted neckbeard

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mad cause bad

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