So lets talk about mounting inside the Maw

What’s everyone’s thoughts on this?

Mounting inside the MAU would defeat its purpose.

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  1. It sounds miserable

  2. It’s supposed to be miserable. It’s the Maw.

And here’s where we get to have a nice big debate about video game design and how far developer’s should go to create an “atmosphere”.


Haven’t played SL yet so I can’t really give an opinion. Could end up feeling fine or it could totally suck

We’re druids, we run faster than everyone else!

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Yes, this is a very positive thing.

The maw sucks and it’s terrible content. It’s made even worse by the current lack of mounting. It’s going to be awful even with a mount but less so.

at the threat of reposting my thoughts already I have footage of whats currently on the maw on beta in this:

It’s a very bad zone. Super super bad.

Edit: Baddddddd


So you guys are all for a zone that is just tedious/miserable to play in? Do you guys not play this game for fun? Have you actually seen gameplay footage of the Maw?


Like I said… it’s supposed to be miserable. It’s The Maw. It’s supposed to be soul sucking, draining, nightmarish and avoided at all costs. Now you can feel two ways about how it’s being delivered to us:

  1. The developers did an AMAZING job making The Maw feel just as miserable to play inside of as it is supposed to be in the game’s narrative


  1. Nothing should ever make players feel miserable, games are supposed to be FUN. I know The Maw is supposed to be a literal hell but could maybe they have designed it to be more pleasurable for players while retaining that thematic element in some other way?

You’re obviously in group #2

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Probably going to be cool at first, but get annoying real fast. wonder if they’ll do a pathfinder for ground mounts in the maw. lol

my thought is that it’s complete and utter bullcrap that we can’t mount.

sounds like a giant heaping extra steamy pile of not very fun.

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That seems pretty stupid.

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I think they learned nothing from Horrific Visions. Making the game more “challenging” by layering arbitrary restrictions makes the game less fun.


Then the purpose is in error.

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There is literally nothing about the zone that says it’s just supposed to be “miserable” to play in, and if you think releasing content that is so “miserable” it makes people want to avoid it is a good thing… I’m just glad you aren’t part of the development team. That kind of thinking is what brought this game from it’s 12+ million subscriber peak to where it is now.


It’s ridiculous. You shouldn’t have to earn the right to use a ground mount. Either let us use them from the start or design the zone around never having one.


Here’s the way I see mounting in new expansions…

I’m fine with being restricted to a ground mount while questing. Pathfinder needs to go away. Once you reach level cap, you should be able simply purchase training required to use your flying mounts in the new zones (or simply be able to use them without having to buy anything).

What I’m not okay with is things like The Maw’s mounting system. NOPE. NO MOUNTS AT ALL until you earn this specific mount from Torghast.

Reasoning? Your mounts won’t follow you into The Maw because it’s such a bad place, literally Hell.

Okay, I can live with that when it comes to living, breathing creatures I have as mounts, but my mechanical mounts don’t really have souls/minds of their own, so how can they decide to not come with me?

We have already paid the price and completed the grind in order to use our mounts. It’s time for Blizzard to stop with the bad systems.

“We’re revamping Vashj’ir into a daily zone but this time you have to earn water breathing.”


Oh god. It’s like having 'nam flashbacks.

I distinctly remember arbitrary restrictions being remembered as a plus before Classic came out.

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This is Retail issue, not a Classic one.

The “Gogogo” attitude is distinctly a Retail issue.