So just to be clear Horde AV

We all know what scorched earth, sometimes called Rath strat by johnny come lately is right?

We are getting max honor and rep and insuring the alliance gets none by pvping in a pvp battleground rather than passing their zerg like a ship in the night and losing the race every time right?

If you need a refresher we can hash this out, we have a few hours left. I would link a video here but the music is ancient in most of them


can you even do premades in AV? it will be all servers in NA for us. i doubt you’ll just be able to all random queue and hope you get into the same one.

Being a premade is not relevant Scorched earth can be executed by pugs without difficulty.

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I’m so excited to go into AV tonight! I hope it lets you queue with others, a lot of my guild wants to go in there tonight.

Are you sure it’s all servers? I’ve seen a couple of people say that and I think they misread the post. Blizzard said:

I think the servers are still grouped by region but AV is one bracket 51-60 while the other battle grounds have a separate bracket for level 60s only.


just remember the alliance used to just run to the boss and win during vanilla lets see if this generation of alliance can do the same thing.

i was trying to talk to people about how horde always wins AV in retail now and they said in 1.12 it’s different and alliance doesn’t have to do much of anything to win. i guess we’ll see in a few hours who is right.

This is EXACTLY why we need to scorched earth horde will lose the race 100% of the time that is what it is. We have to wipe them at iceblood and on galv while we stealth cap bunkers and GYs in the north and allow them to have snowfail graveyard so they can trickle in like lemmings and DIE at iceblood.

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it seems really odd to me that your entire purpose seems to be to keep alliance from getting any honor or rep…

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Don’t mind me just taking notes.

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No its to MAXIMIZE the PVP that happens in a PVP instance and avoid horde losing the PVE footrace.

We get bonuses for our towers and generals up and the towers and generals we down.

It has been firmly established that alliance pugs will outrace horde pugs in av, where as horde that contest Iceblood and galv have a legitamate 99% win rate in av.

Plus its just good clean fun!


well obviously. Thats the point of the game, to win. Why would you help your enemy gear up?

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i shouldn’t have expected more from the faction that thinks camping a dungeon group with a 120m raid until they log out has any concept of fair play.

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Why would horde lose? Horde starting cave was much closer to DB than alliance starting cave was to FWK in vanilla. Horde used to pull into SH before, or at the same time as, alliance.

Also, without resources, scorched earth will be much less effective.

You need everyone to have an add on that ques everyone at the same time. Then you announce if you all got same number popping up. If it’s same, everyone joins, if not - everyone reques.

It’s how we used to do it to rank fast back in the days. When you see entire team is one server one guild, it’s hella coordinated.

Without it, horde loses every time because horde base has 3 entrances for alliance to over run it. While alliance base has a choke point at the bridge that stops everything always.

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Nothing odd about it. The objective is to defeat your opponent. Denying them resources is part of that.

“Give them nothing, but take from them everything.”


Yes please, link

I dunno man when I was still doing BGs and arenas in BFA, my alliance priest was winning 9/10 AVs. I just hope we can get our sh*t together for classic. I haven’t tried the 15th anniversary AV though.

i’ve not won one yet on alliance but of the ones i’ve done as horde i have only lost one. if that tells you anything.

BFA is a Facebook app game…this is completely different

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