So is paying gold in dungeon for boosts against TOS or not?

Blizzard needs to clarify this before they give out random ban hammer.

Not sure but if you report people there is a boosting option. So my guess is yes but in the sense that they meam 3rd party boosting as yes you cam buy boosts lile say rfc or w.e. for leveling purposes with real money.

They have the same for retail for stuff like m+

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I think that means you can pretty much report every non appropriate level player outside instance portals because they’re likely selling boosts/gear for gold.

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It says “items for gold”, so probably not bannable.

Keep in mind you can only advertise boosts and services in /trade tho.


It was pretty clear in the blue post. “Items for gold.” So, “Experience for gold” is fine, since experience is not items. Though, I would say to be on the safe side all boosters will likely say “No loot” now, but that’s pretty normal as is.

Any raid OR dungeon. So Cobrahn runs for gold = ban. Boosting for XP not specifically called out. But seems like a gray area if you let people loot items. Try it and see.

The boosting option is for rated matchmaking and probably shouldn’t even be in the list in the report option. It’s not for dungeon boosting. Its for people who are purposely dropping or boosting MMR in arenas/RBG’s.

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Like the dev’s said.

“Mess around and find out.”

a lot of people boost their friends/guildies free too

if you do i definitely wouldnt loot anything in there, lest you anger our new AI overlords

I’m not sure but if I see someone selling boosts I’ll report them and we will see I guess :slight_smile:


Does something have to be tangible for it to be an item?
Exp is just as tangible as the pixels of the items you get out of a dungeon.
You could say “Exp” is “Bind on Kill”, which is closer to BoP then it is to BoE.

Clarity is key

Items are items dude.

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Oh, it won’t be random.

People are going to be reporting you very specifically.

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It’s this kind of lawyering about these rules that reinforce to me that they’re a good idea.

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ahh i see i thought they were talking dungeon boosting cause i swore that was legal for gold. same with retail usually is cheap and not as bad as people buying gold to buy carries like gdkp kind of stuff.

your guild name is gdkp, what do you think


Boosting for free (as in guildies etc.) should be ok - in hardcore it was allowed but the xp gains were hugely cut if you were grouped with a higher level player.

I imagine if they are going to try to cut back on boosting services they will do the same here.

Boosting as a ‘service’ might be in a grey area now. With xp buffs as a catch up mechanism and the small levelling ranges in each phase Im not sure there would be a huge demand.

It’s for arena boosting like throwing games, buy yeah I do this anyway knowing it’s kinda false lol. It kinda got gdkp banned spam reporting them so why not lol

Yes its bannable. Also warlock summons are bannable too. Check the new patch