So I'm looking for

Looking for decently populated alliance server, would prefer pve but will take pvp in a pinch. I know server and population is kinda a hot/sensitive topic atm so let me just say, I don’t care about any of that lol. Want a populated server please, thank you.

TBCC is going towards being World of Benediction so that would probably be your best bet. If the server must be PVE, the only one not dead/dying is Pagle.

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Pagle is what I’m currently on, thanks for the advice!

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I’m on Westfall and it seems to have a pretty healthy Alliance pve population.

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Pagle is the biggest PVE alliance server. So many guilds recruiting here. Problem is it’s full of a bunch of angry boomers and gamer dad has beens. If you can make it through the ocean of that and find a good group of players then you’ll like it here.

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How do I word this for Blizzard… I would ask that you come to any realm other than Windseeker. We need more horde, not alliance.

I think that works.

Theres no such thing as an alliance pvp server. If its not massively skewed in their favor they will transfer off to another one until it becomes a PVE server where they can gank low level horde as a side quest.


PVP - Benediction
PVE - Pagle

Those are really your only options

Benediction is probably the right move. With transfer cooldowns and Blizzard’s inability to fix the server populations, it’s too risky to go anywhere else. They’ve finally broken me down and I’ll be transferring some time today.

If you want mega pop and Pagle isn’t giving you what you want then Benediction is the only other option. Something no one else said though is that you can’t transfer from PVE to PVP right now and Bene is PVP so keep that in mind.

There have also been some recent posts saying that people can’t find the groups they want on any server (they posted from a Bene character) so it would be best to check out any server yourself to see if it has what you want before paying for a transfer or boost.

Grob is nice and populated. It’s very solid and seems balanced from what I can see.

Booo alliance

Pagle, of course.

What makes Pagle not good enough that you are looking elsewhere?

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Fixed it for you.

How is Atiesh not a choice for PVE, healthy alliance population and actualy has some horde on it.?

My slots are all full. And I kinda wanted a fresh start. Guess I’ll stay at Pagle anyhow, delete someone or something and remake em.

you are already there

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it’s 1.7:1 A:H ratio.

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