So I'm going to try ShadowLands But

Shadowlands will also be my last chance for them OP I think this is a sentiment shared by a sizable chunk of the player base hence why Blizzard is actually listening to some of the stuff when they usually ignore all of it.


We all tried the other way. They didnt listen. I think I speak for more than just myself in this situation.

Can confirm.

I was introduced to this game as a preteen and now im approaching the twilight of my 20s.

If Shadowlands is a flop that’s the last sign I need that this journey is ready to come to a conclusion.

Final Cancellation

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BFA left me exhausted with all the rep gated grinding az power stuff. I mean after that RNG loot drops with rng stats etc etc. I have nothing left for Another expansion like this so i will follow the forums and see what it looks like. I’m jealous of folks that can find fun in what’s going on with this game.


They could outsource it to Netease. WoW: Beta for Shadow Refunded.

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Which of the few million players should they listen to? I’ll just assume you mean the ones who only agree with what you think makes a “good expansion.”


They WON me over with updated core races cosmetic options everything else is a bonus for me now.

Well said i loled as well,well played

I’ve given you 14 years worth of subs, but this is your last chance. I promise me you!! please help me quit pleaase



I’m taking one for the team on this. No Shadowlands for me. Besides there’s so many good games coming out anyway. The best time to make a statement IMO.

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As a PVP player, I see very little in terms of communication and attention being paid to PVP. The only info we have about PVP thus far are:

  • Return of PVP vendors (not actually new, just a reversion)
  • Return of PVP Medallion (not actually new, just a reversion)
  • One new Arena

maybe we need to elect representatives.

One from each faction.
Must be 25.
Citizen of Azeroth since start of last expansion.

and just to emphasize this

we are not seeing pvp gear have an edge/advantage in pvp scenarios

the vendor will give gear with worst/lower ilvl than entry level m+ and we wont get to choose the itemizations we want

as a pvp oriented player the barrier to entry for pvp will be mandatory pve content AGAIN

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Daily Grinding
Rediculous RNG System
Broken Corruption system
No PVP vendors
Broken party Sync
Broken Spells
Score Boards broken entire expansion
Obvious OP Classes
Bugged Quests

I mean The list could go on for awhile

You don’t need to be a genius to figure out that they are not listening to players at all in BFA.

And why do you think that is?

Their lack of education, knowledge and experience as game developers?

I’d be careful saying this, the Covenant system-- while I like and support it-- has a lot of potential to sink the xpac entirely.

I agree with you. Covenants are the worst part of the expansion about Covenants. They’re basically reskinned Azerite Traits + a couple spells. Heck, it’s even worse than Azerite in the way that you’re only allowed to use one Soulbind at a time which is basically the equivalent of only being able to use one Azerite piece at a time.

But it’s leaps and bounds an improvement on Azerite in the way that everything is defined and finite and you won’t get shafted by RNG.

So it’s not going to be their last chance.

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