So.. I know this is a PST server but

Any guilds that are more friendly towards the east coast? I’m not really into rp (I know, why are you on a RP server idiot) I just like how friendly you all are and I love watching events and such. I’m just a casual player who likes doing all content and MAYBE I will dabble into RP eventually.


There are probably some groups out there. Try checking the guild finder or posting your playtimes.

Even though the server is west coast, because WrA is the premiere RP server for Horde, you get people from all over. That’s how I ended up here, even though I’m best coast, central timezone. Our guild leader and many other in the guild are also on EST.

Unfortunately, we’re super RP focused… But not all of these guilds are!

Good luck!


Thankies to Tamani for posting the guild directory!

My guild is mostly here to welcome those who don’t feel comfortable in any kind of “hardcore” setting. We are RP based, but we also PVE and PVP. Currently building our core group, but most of our main/active members are brand new to RP and that’s fine! We have non-RP ranks, so if you’re looking for a group who’s main mantra is ACTUALLY IRL>WoW, as well as happy to teach/help new RPers or new WoW players in general get to a point where they feel comfortable, reach out!

If you have any questions, that’s fine too!
My discord is Shay#4167

Oh, and I’m EST so the absolute latest I will start an event is 6pm server.

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If you had an Ally we’d have you.

We’re ex-EDers, so we all live East-coast and know the troubles of being East-coast on WrA lol. Wish you luck though!

Is there a Horde guild where exiles of your current faction join called Uncommon Accord?

There is but you probably haven’t heard if it, it’s pretty uncommon

I’m just hella uncool, aren’t I?

The Horde Brothers is a Horde RP guild that has event times closer to EST. Currently our weekly RP events start at 4pm (7pm EST) server time. Usually run a few hours. Our weekly Raid team is usually Saturday evening 4 - 8 (7 - 11pm EST) server time.

If interested you can seek out Alltherion or Dahkka in game for details and recruitment.

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