So I got turned into a ghoul, and now I cant play

Every time I try to log onto my level 1 priest, the game freezes and then dcs me. It was working fine yesterday, till I turned into a ghoul and now I cant play. I am pretty sure its NOT supposed to happen like this. Just goes to show this event should not go live in its current shape or form, at all.


Get on another character and reduce the graphic settings to 1, then try again.

ive tried that, same resault. It only happens when a toon I am playing becomes a ghoul. Even with graphics turned down to lowest. I just lose connection to the game instantly. If this does go live in its current state, I will prob unsub till SL drops.


I am having the same issue as the OP. One of my characters was changed into a ghoul and now I am unable to log into any character on that server. I haven’t checked if I am able to get on another server yet but it is a very annoying bug.

Just press 5 and make yourself explode. That’ll kill ghoul and teleport you to the nearest graveyard.

Really wish they would just get rid of the zombie event altogether thought… Would solve so many problems.

The point of a PTR is to test these things. Report it as a bug and I’m sure they will work on fixing the issue.

I was having issues getting online last night and I wasn’t even turned into a ghoul. The PTR has been very buggy for me in general in lots of ways. Primarily connection issues or server seeming to go down on occasion. But again, this is the point of a PTR. To test out a new patch and fix any bugs before it goes live.

Instead of making threats, maybe report the bugs you come across and understand what a PTR is.

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