So i don't even play

pally but, sac isn’t enough for those little heals.

This makes me sad. I rerolled to MW this week and I literally top people off with 300k crits. But god forbid HPal’s buffed Flash heals for 90-100k.

Hpal isn’t a healer right now and it pisses me off.

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they need something thats for sure. 300k is a bit whatever clever.

I just rerolled disc and I do more healing in full greens in arena than my fully geared hpal.

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Just did a shuffle. Revival 221k. Sheilun’s gift 362k. Life cocoon 700k. Vivify - cost 0 mana with Tea, 90k spammable. Enveloping mist - 130k with 40k normal HOT ticks.

yeah, they need something. thats for sure

I don’t get why so many people are saying hpal is bad when it’s one of the most broken healers in the game. Hpal melee wings healing was net nerfed by an entire 15% and they are tearing up the pvp ladders with cleanse the weak. Yeah maybe they do less single target healing than a level 68 mistweaver but so what?

Flash of lights are critting for 260k with wings and divine favor. This sounds like a skill issue respectively.

Thankfully holy paladins will be nerfed next patch and be brought back down in B tier where they belong

Continuing the discussion from Dragonflight Fractures in Time PTR Development Notes:


You’re linking 10.1.5 patch notes not current patch notes. Fractures in Time is 10.1.5.

Continuing the discussion from Dragonflight Fractures in Time PTR Development Notes:

Never hit 260k flash of lights ever in arena with max gear or in world PVP without significant buffs.

They nerfed Melee wings by literally 250% this patch.

  • Avenging Crusader has been redesigned – You become the ultimate crusader of light for 12 seconds. Crusader Strike and Judgment cool down 30% faster and heal up to 5 injured allies for 500%(Was 750%) of the damage done, split evenly among them. If Avenging Wrath is talented, also increases Judgment, Crusader Strike, and auto-attack damage by 30%.

You have no idea what changes are being made to Hpal? Did you even read to 10.1.5 changes? Hpals are getting massive buffs including a OP denounce on Greater judgement.

i crit a 270k on my hpal but there was no ms on the other team and i had regular wings up and crit with divine favor.

the total buff value that effects judgement and crusader strike at the start of 10.1 ptr was nerfed by 250% not the entirety of melee wngs. Thats not how the math works on that. After 10.1 dropped it was valued at 575% and on the tuesday the season started it was nerfed to 500% (a net 14% healing decrease) . If they had not made this change hpal would atleast feel playable rn.

yeah i played the ptr adn glimmer got gigabuffed its critting for 50ks and the hammer of wrath talent(veneration) that gives a huge aoe heal with every hammer of wrath press is insane. The 140k damage prevention with every judgement seems kinda broken tho i wonder if it is dispellable.


They literally redesigned melee wings to have the lower values.

Using your math 75% reduced on melee wings = 14% reduced healing. Overall a 46% reduced healing on Melee wings which is… literally unplayable.

No MS? Hard pressed to find a match with no ms at all. Likely no dampening. and you have to have wings + Divine up.

So 30% average Dampening. + MS = 130k crits at most and going down.

obvious satire.

in normal 3s it feels playable(only if u play the right comp) but high damp 2v2 and solo shuffle are nightmare scenarios where u oom instantly or lose because you do negative hps

rsham and mw feel really good to play after their respective reworks. Hopefully hpal feels the same


its clearly better for damp but no healer likes damp and no healer likes late damp.

idk i like deep damp alot on my MW because I just win due to the other healer not being able to do enough healing while i beam 100k hps and lob 1 mill+ life cacoons

so you like, enjoy that? suppose winning feels good but does it??? u are the first person that says that like deep dampening. lll respect ur opinion tho.

I sure hope it makes hpal viable. Its literally my favorite spec for a reason its just that its a hopeless spec compared to MW.

only when solo shuffling with an OP S tier shuffle healer like pre nerf start of s1 resto druid or current MW.

10+ minute deep damp games in regular 3s is cringe.