So, Human and Orc Heritage armors are finally revealed

There will be more, we’ll have to wait and see what they are adding.

Just for additional context on the Heritage Armor sets for orc and human, there are a couple more variations players will get. We’ll show more of those a bit later.

I’m really hoping the other variations aren’t just recolors and includes different pieces altogether :crossed_fingers:


Eh I’ma be honest, I’m still gonna use it, the chest, gloves n boots most likely for a set idea I’d work on.

Keeping my backpack tho

People are saying humans are getting options so maybe the heritage set will redeem itself.


Foot part of the armor is a disgrace. At least make it fit on the model properly.


I hope it comes in green!

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In case people didn’t scroll down.


looks at hots wrynn ok so theres a bunch of problems your not seeming to understand here.

I’m calling it ‘floating’ because the Greave/Sabaton/Poleyn on the ‘new set’ looks to be one solid piece that is fused together and positioned in a floating above the foot manner while also not meeting/protecting the knee/feet/ankles somehow. If they were to just lop the bit that looks like it is floating off at a 90 degree angle and stretch the pattern to the actual ankle while attaching the removed bit to the shoes it would look both better (and more functional). Optimally I would have also liked to see the piece that looks like it is supposed to be a knee guard actually cover the knee but I know that is… much more difficult based on how the models are designed.

Wrynn’s greaves, sabaton and Poleyn in hots are an exaggerated fantasy piece with some weird bits sticking out with an indentation to match foot flex. But if you look at his shoes they also have armor to serve as sabatons and give the illusion of overlay to make it feel proper and protected. The new human heritage armor does not and has basic brown shoes.

That made me laugh.


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That human heritage armor looks sweet!!! Love it.

both are lazy garbage.

I think the problem though is that we’ve had humans and orcs at the forefront for so long that we’ve kind of be inundated with orc and human themes that at the base, was the Heritage for them, so it takes away from the appeal.

For both the Humans and the Orcs, I think Blizz had an opportunity to go further back and show us where humans came from (Vykrul) but also how the orcs were before drinking the Demon Blood and coming through the Portal.

It would certainly mix it up anyway as it would break from the expected themes where the Human armour would potentially be more Viking/Barbarian themed while the Orc armour would be more Shamanistic.


The modern human just simply is not a barbarian/viking and I think it would look silly. I agree though that orcs should have access to more shaman themes.

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does the pose ZUG you.

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Human set is bfa aspirant with varian shoulders. The helm is so bad. It probably looks better on male but god damn thats so boring. We could have had high rez reimagined grand marshal.


Human armour is perfect it’s boring and unoriginal just like Humans in WoW :dracthyr_a1:


The Humans you play in game aren’t from Lordaeron they’re from Stormwind and this is a HERITAGE set the Lordaeron set is likely being saved for the Forsaken you know the race who’s heritage is from Lordaeron :dracthyr_shrug:

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I actually like the human armor.

Lol pretty sure I already have the human set somewhere.

Horde wins again :muscle:

did they though?

that’s not what people are complaining about. - well some are.

They’re complaining that it’s too similar to sets we’ve already gotten.


Look at the human heritage armor feet

One foot looks correct and the other isn’t

Now look at how the human is standing… Armor is shifted due to how they are standing on that rock

Alot of gear since legion “bend” depending on posture now