So how does this Dishonorable kill system work?

Yup. Blizzard is a small indie company. To add along, instead of BUFFING WSG/AB honor, they NERFED AV honor, lol. They don’t listen. Why do they do this

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DHK penalties are instant. You don’t have to wait for weekly calcs to see their effect.

So does this mean that being 0% Rank 10 for example is now thankfully an Advantage to being 95% Rank 9?


Does this mean a dishonorable kill reduces gains somehow?

I am of the hope that being of a higher rank is advantage and that the system is a lot more granular.

Some clarity would be awesome, most would truly love that because its kinda what we do. LOL.

AV Mark honor is now bugged at 398 instead of 796 like the other two.

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Can confirm

Care to explain why AV mark turns are only 398 honor now but AB/WSG remain unchanged?

This supposed to promote a meta shift away from AV? Because if it is … its not going to work lol


My two takeaways:

The bad: not cool Blizz is penalizing players for a “clever use of game mechanics.” Blizz made the system and tested it, so I don’t think it qualifies as an “exploit.”

The good: Blizz is obviously reading feedback on the new PVP system and is willing to make changes. Hopefully, fixes to AV and the “all or nothing” ranking system will be forthcoming.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Even as a rogue, I am a happy gnome knowing I no longer have to assassinate a poor orc civilian.

This also punishes players who don’t derank. For instance I’m at 8.49 with getting enough honor for 3 levels above me I should be at 10.09 which is where I wanted to stop for now because it finishes the blue set. However, now instead of getting the full 3000 CP for achieving rank 9 I’m only going to receive 2500 CP. So instead of hitting 10 now I’m going to hit high 9. and because I’m high 9 I’m going to get punished again the next rank.

This is a slap in the face to regular players who also weren’t gaming the system!


Anyone thinking that Classic+ is a good idea, PLEASE look at this thread and realize these people will ruin it. Post the math or it will be figured out, and the community will figure out a better way and upset your unpaid intern-level system. This isn’t hyperbolic - if you didn’t run the math and realize de-ranking was optimal, you aren’t a serious game development company. I’m not trying to be mean. A single discord figured this de-ranking strategy out in an hour for free after first reset.

Tuesday is going to be such a mess, especially if they managed to create a system that makes rank 14 impossible due to the ambiguous “bucket math,” with every good intention in the world. On a serious note, what happens when there aren’t enough BGs in a week to support 500k? Nobody gets r14 at that point.


I feel like all they had to do was calc the DKs with the reset… Then no one could take advantage of of de-ranking to get better progress by being in a lower rank.

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I mean it makes it less efficient because you would have to wait a week to see the derank. This would be a decent fix too.

Rank 14 in 8 weeks hey. not after this.


Good point. Honestly, I’m so bored of AV spam I’ve basically stopped queueing. Just not worth it.

I hope Blizz uses this opportunity to tune the PVP system a bit before reset.


Kaivax I’m asking this in good faith. Did your team consider this for more than an hour before deciding to do it?

From the inception of the system, it has seemed half-cocked and ill-thought-out. These ‘fringe’ cases were evident from anyone who gave the system more than a few moments of thought and analysis.

Instead of removing DHKs entirely, making them deduct some amount of honor or not having the system only gives progress for reaching certain quota thresholds of honor, you’re instead punishing every single person playing and making the ‘8 weeks’ to R14 journey longer. Because some people are going to be in the 80%-99% range naturally for a given rank and now earn less CP than before.


The only positive out of this system is removing decay for current rank and the fact there aren’t limited spots in 11-14 ranks. This system needed to be fleshed out a bit more before going live…

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You aren’t seriously going to implement this after announcing it mid week after people have gone that route are you?

I sincerely hope that you are not going to screw over a majority of your player base utilizing YOUR system.

If you do, easy unsub.


Could have just removed dishonorable kills.


You could just make dishonorable kills calculate at the end of the week and if they cause you to be placed in a lower bracket you can only get 3 brackets above you instead of 4 that week. That would fix the problem and only hurt people that get dishonorable kills. It is very dumb to make the entire system harder and punish everyone ranking by changing the entire way honor is calculated.


Please don’t punish everyone ranking because of dishonorable kills. Easy fix is to make dishonorable kills calculate at the end of the week and if they cause you to derank you can still only earn honor that week as if you were at the rank before you deranked. This is a perfect fix without punishing everyone. Please if you’re a blizzard employee pass this on to your boss as your own idea. Get that promotion! Ty