So how does this Dishonorable kill system work?

Lets say you’re at Rank 11 0% in, and you get 1 DK, where does this put you?

pretty sure DKs are just a meme :expressionless:

You say that, but the math looks legit.

I think people need to tread lightly with the “DK for more CP with less honor” discovery.

I’ve seen Blizzard suspend for lesser exploits, which this could be considered, and YES I know that people get away with botting and the like too often too.

yeah just fascinating how the system can be so POORLY designed that 99% R10 is better than 1% R11

The fact that there are break evens that exist is just… trashy.


Yep, it’s crazy for sure.

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wait is there a bug where DKs are giving you honor? oh the humanity :expressionless:


For example if you’re 0% Rank 11, and do 400k honor you will go a set distance…

BUT if you’re like Rank 10 99% you could go like 50% further on the same amount of honor.

to get to the lower bracket you get a DK…


Bad system is bad.


lol. well, it was predictable that the new system would have all sorts of problems and exploits. the new team just can’t do anything right :expressionless:

except, perhaps, hardcore. so far, that seems to be okay.

They just need to kill off the honor brackets, kill of decay entirely, and eliminate break evens so that the system is linear.

Doing this will eliminate all exploits.

This should def be fixed asap.

In two weeks my rogue will be rank 13 1%. From that point I have two options:

Option A: Rank for three weeks from there, R13 35%, R13 69%, R14

Option B: Go and murder a civilian for a DHK to go down to like R12 99%. Rank for two weeks from R12 99% to R13 73%, to R14…

It would benefit my rogue to kill a poor civilian, this seems wrong.


kinda disgusting isn’t it…


Perhaps the devs are trying to teach us that war isn’t fair


or maybe… that cheating pays?

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As I already said once, my big concern really is that I’ve seen like 5 times where something looks like a smart idea because a little flaw is found in the system but then Blizzard goes and does a suspension wave for it.

People find out about whatever share by word of mouth, share with Discord, post on the forums, and then BAM, a 14-day or 30-day suspension for all.

All while having bots run free.

So I probably would not do the DK thing, but if others are comfortable after knowing that the risk they can go ahead and do it. It IS pretty messed up. Not enough testing.


I think it would be hard for them to issue bans for a ‘feature’ they designed themselves into the ranking scheme.

It would equally be hard to see who got DKs related to ranking and who was just killing the other faction civilians, as while it may harm your ranking, that activity is completely acceptable within the terms.

Edit: If anyone needs some casual bans it is the hc ppl that are layer hopping for world bosses, that is def not the intention of layers, and we all know killing the same world boss back to back is not normal.

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Dude I feel gross even considering it… its so tempting… its a 56% GAIN to do 1 DK.

That’s massive.

Yeah, I don’t know but I have seen Blizzard go after people for less.

It’s not about “a feature Blizzard designed themselves”, because I promise that this DK for CP thing was NOT done on purpose. So it’s about what they’d consider being “exploiting an unintended feature”.

While I’m not disagreeing with you about who needs what, Blizzard doesn’t care about the layer hoping. That’s been a thing for a very long time. This honor system change is new.

I have yet to see anyone issue a warning to others.

I’d feel bad if I never said anything about this anywhere and people got slapped.

Edit: I did a fast Google search. Here’s a recent retail suspension that happened. Some of these players didn’t know how many cloth cooldowns they had left but they got slapped anyway. All for making cloth after joining groups:
Recent Banwave - Up to 30 Day Suspensions for Speculated Azureweave and Chronocloth Bug - Wowhead News

Name one time in the last 10 years, that blizzard has done something correctly. That’s why this new pvp system is trash. They have no idea what they’re doing. Incapable of using any critical thinking. They shout ideas out in an enclosed room and whoever yelled the loudest, that’s the new idea they’ll use.

It’s like; when a well respected business owner that built their empire from the ground up passes away, and leaves the business to their son/daughter. They have ZERO clue how to run the company. They just aren’t capable of the great things the original creator was able to achieve. They’ll just run it into the ground. That’s current blizzard.

I mean the fact that they couldn’t fathom the idea of when era loses some of its popularity, that this system is completely useless. How are you supposed to get 500k honor when the population dips and there’s only a few BGs running at all? And the fact that you can decay even if you played and gained honor?
You should gain rank no matter what if you’ve gained ANY amount of honor. 1%, 2% gain? At least a minute increase in rank. How many brain cells did it take to come up with this smelly :poop: system?


To answer the OP’s question…

One DHK equals 5% of your current rank and will de-rank you.

So if you are R11 0%, after one DHK you will be R10 95%.