So, How bad is it, really?

(Kirela) #90

It’s funny. I’ve met some of the most selfish and rage ready people on Horde, and I played most of Legion on Horde. It’s almost like… Both sides have jerks.

(Lithya) #91

Basically the realm died because everyone either quit or switched to Horde due to various reasons including racials.
Horde has enjoyed developer favortism for years, it just compounds and no last minute buffs or nerfs is going to do jack.


So that why method , scrubusters , midwinter , vodka, alacrity and other top guilds started in Alliance and when people ask them why they went horde , same answers : " Only for racials , if Alliance had better racials without doubt we are Alliance " .

Dont be in deny , ur faction is poop ; only reason you people is because of racials.

Dont believe me ? try to have 1 warchief for more 2 expansions and then talk :wink:

(Kittredge) #93

Yes, I just read an interview that one of the members of Method gave, and they stated specifically that they needed to move to a higher pop server because the economy for crafting mats was terrible.

(Kirela) #94

What does that have to do with Method?

(Kirela) #95

Here, I have found something. I think it is from Method themselves and it answers some stuff from back in MoP when they supposedly swapped.

“However… There are classes that cannot be Pandas, or simply won’t be for the first tier of progress and this is the primary reason for the change. Horde racials have proved to be more beneficial and likely more suited to our play style in each past tier on boss fights that matter and this is a trend we expect to continue.”

Then they mention their server change.

“Together with the faction change we’ve decided to move realm as well. We’ll be moving to Twisting Nether, which seems to be a really decent server with a good population count on the Horde side and a strong auction house.”

(Lithya) #96

their stated reasons.
Their GM is a troll ironically.

The Horde simply offered more as a faction and community than the Alliance did.
Playing on the Alliance side was simply a disadvantage for them competitively.

(Waidmann) #97

Like we have any control over how long they let us keep a warchief …

Hey Horde we like you better so we are gonna get rid of another warchief .

There is no bias in this game they do things just to make their numbers good for their investors.

Horde with first warfront having no ilvl min to start had nothing to do with bias .
THat was hey investors look how many horde players are doing war fronts , we do good yes ?.

The recent bonus for alliance in war mode was to show the investors hey look how many alliance are doing war mode , we do good ?

Most players don’t really care about the racials to be honest (except those that constantly come in here and cry bias like little children .

(Kittredge) #98


Together with the faction change we’ve decided to move realm as well. We’ll be moving to Twisting Nether, which seems to be a really decent server with a good population count on the Horde side and a strong auction house.
Two key words here as to when the “realm change” discussion comes up: Population and Economy.
Changing realms was probably the most unanimous decision of the two. As much as Xavius suited us for some time and helped us get away from the over-crowded laggy situations of the past that used to cripple our performance during progress, its auction house tricked us!

To be honest, all of us made crazy amounts of gold thanks to the unbelievably expensive prices that were practiced on Xavius’s AH and I think we’re all going to miss it, but every time we needed to storm the AH for materials to rush level some profession on our alts or craft something for our mains, that was a pain! Not to mention gems during Dragon Soul progress – where we felt forced to migrate ‘mules’ from other servers to be able to reach our max raid DPS for Spine.

Despite PvE being our number one concern, other factors were also taken into consideration. A lot of our members do like to spend some of their free time in-game doing PvP or playing alts etc., and being on a low populated realm like Xavius wasn’t helping these situations very much.

So putting all this together, considering both PvE and PvP aspects, on and off raid scenarios, moving to a well-populated non-crowded realm seems to be the best option for Method’s upcoming progress and farm contents.

I assume all of this is correct.

(Kirela) #99

You need to look at what I quoted (and I also provided a link for your convenience).

Anyway, for anyone reading at this point the reason Method switched FACTION is because of racials.

The reason they switched SERVERS was because of the economy and population.

So that can be put to rest now.

(Kittredge) #100

Because they are triggered instead of passive abilities. Kind of goes with what I was saying all along.

Edit: racials with a higher skill cap should inherently give the player higher rewards. Think about Trinkets which had either passive or on-use effects. The on-use trinkets could technically be worse if you didn’t use them appropriately but had a higher ceiling overall.

The racial abilities in WoW are just about balanced, this discussion is kind of a waste of time. The difference between the abilities regarding throughput is a fraction of a percent.

(Wolfthorn) #101

Well, you can choose to believe what you want of course… but Blizzard gave them a 30% XP bonus. That should tell you something.


Lol the warchief quote was an irony btw . . .

My point wasnt that , if alliance had horde racials i can tell for sure that leader of pve and pvp will be even more awful , maybe 4 o 5 horde guilds .

Is not about faction anymore , is only about racials because even if u r filthy casual you wanna go where more people are playing , where is more people playing ? horde ; why is people playing there ? racials , following pro tips , following imbalance caused because of the other 2 reason .

I can say for sure that only 5% of the pop of wow chose a race because " i like it" ; maybe at the beginning , when u r a new player you picked the race that you like but later you “need” to swap to a better race because everyone wants to be better .

Sadly this just change to :" play what you like " to “Play a race that is gonna give you haste or attk power making you have better dps! , what are you waiting for a race change!!!”.

(Waidmann) #103

Over all more play alliance it’s when you get to max level there is a shift to more higher level horde players .

I mained alliance from late bc - mid cata . Reason I changed was not because there were more people on horde side to raid with but because there were less and it was easier to get into groups compared to alliance.
My current toon is the only toon I have picked for any racial and it was for the passive pet health increase.

(Kirela) #104

What you fail to see is that this has a top down effect. The big players leave, some people leave to be near them, their friends go with them to stay together, and after a time there is enough of a drought on one side (recruitment is a huge pain like people have been saying) that it’s just easier to do everything on the side with all of the big players. It doesn’t matter if they moved for a 0.000001% difference.

(Solarwynds) #105

That isn’t really a source you know, right?

(Kittredge) #106

And as I stated, Method made a statement saying they’d swap back to the Alliance if it wouldn’t cost them a small fortune.

The racials are fine, it’s the players that have issues.

(Kittredge) #107

Their own website isn’t a source of their own opinions.

You should scroll down a bit from that post.

(Kirela) #108

Trust me, if Alliance racials were juicy enough then high end PvPers and Method would jump to Alliance no matter the cost (they did it to go Horde after all, didn’t they?) because that’s where their bread is buttered. They aren’t going to risk another team having even a slight advantage because they have sponsors and whatnot to keep happy.

It’s another point people have been making. No one is going to even things out unless they have a reason to leave the Horde and go Alliance.

The racials are still the reason though, in the case of Method and probably a lot of other higher players.

(Kittredge) #109

Yeah, I mean what does Method know about their own opinons on the matter.