So... guys

I’m back from a 4 days forum ban.
I know I turned against some people, retailers, it’s just that I feel their idling in Classic is spreading bad vibes.
Anyways, I’ll be more civil.


Gotta work that trust level back up.


I just got back from a long “weekend” myself…so I know how you feel. :crazy_face:


Here’s a like to start you back on the journey to TL 3.


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Be bad, it’s good

Gotta love those bans. Did you get caught up in an argument and curse? Don’t discuss details but do you think it was a heat of the moment thing, or just ignorance on a rule they have? Educate us!

Vanilla WoW, the original Retail.

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Isn’t talking about a suspension on the forums grounds for another suspension?

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One may hope.

Yeah I got a silence not too long ago… not really sure why but everyone likes pressing report on everything so that’s that

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Well when you disagree with someone you just report them.

Thanks for the warning,
It might save me some trouble,
Haikus for Hikus.

Just a note, discussing forum moderation, including action taken by moderators, is against the forum CoC.

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did this really merit a thread


Are you sure that TL3 can be redeemed? The only Blue post I can find is this:

Pulling this over to provide some clarification. Going to lock it to avoid further discussion of moderation.

Our Moderators don’t apply an action simply because you were reported, be it by one or one hundred people. They review the post and decided based on our Code of Conduct.

No, it wouldn’t have been. The email and notification should have included the post you were penalized for.

Trolling includes:

Causing disturbances in forum threads, such as picking fights, making off topic posts that ruin the thread, insulting other posters

Not at this time. It is something that is still on the table but I don’t have any additional information at this time.