So Excite! - My group finally tried +2's


So excited, y’all, and I wanted to come in and thank you for the advice and support last month. You gave me such good advice here.

We got our fifth man up to 340, finally (his work schedule is brutal, but we love him IRL, so we deal with what little playtime he has and make it work).

We did our first key last night. It was a +2 Freehold. It was cake. We even had a mistake. My daughter, our DH, positioned herself badly and got knocked back out of LOS and pulled a huge group that wiped us. She was horrified, but we wiped it fast and got right back on track, finishing in plenty of time.

SO FUN doing that again with friends.

We’re gonna do some more +2’s this evening and then hopefully get a +3 key we like to start out with. The affixes for low keys are taking it easy on us this week, so that was nice, too.

Anyway. I’m happy. We had fun. I appreciate you guys. /mwah

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You have done well as a shaman in these past few months… You did what anyone who has the capability of being great should do… To swallow that pride, and ask for help.

You came to the forums, and many shaman came to your aid to help guide you down the path of the restoration shaman. Continue to ask questions, continue to learn, and soon you shall be the one teaching the newer generation.

Congratulations on your healing, May the Elements guide your path to victory and greatness.


Nice to see posts like this :slight_smile:


The pure joy in this post makes me very happy.

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We need more posts like this, goodluck in your groups travels!


Hi Meriweather! So awesome to hear about your posts and progression forward as Resto (Saw your post about Heroic Zek too, awesome!)

Not sure if you remember me from a couple days ago - I was the Rogue talking about H Pal/Resto Shaman. I’ve finally decided which one to pursue, and it’s going to be Resto, with your posts giving me a helping push in this direction. I’m excited to read more and see your progress as it seems to stimulate productive and informative Resto discussion.

I wanted to ask you how you handled the lower M+ from a positioning standpoint. I know a lot of Resto shamans struggle with fights that aren’t stacked or close together. Do you communicate with your group in regards to stacking, or did you just take it as you went?


The group consists of me, my husband, our daughter, my husband’s best friend, and his wife (who is one of MY best friends). ha ha. So on comms, we know each other so well and have played together for years. They just know what I need and vice versa.

That said, I have had to get my husband used to settling on a spot (instead of taking forever to position the mob/s pulled so that I can preemptively cast circle of healing on the ground and not have him just totally move out of hit before it lands.

I think if you’re gonna 5-man with the same folks over and over, the best thing you can do as a healer is develop a relationship of understanding with your tank. Know the tank’s cooldowns and make sure he/she knows yours, etc.

I’m so EXCITED that you picked shaman. I was rooting for it. /smile

I honestly have not had issues with people being too spread out for me to heal. We do optimal burst healing when everyone is stacked, but we are still capable of effective single-target and AoE heals. The totems have nice reach and circle of healing (even without the az trait) is plenty big. In the mythic dungeons, people tend to stay stacked up anyway to avoid accidental body pulls, so it’s not been a problem, yet.

But for more thorough advice on M+, Mangymutt is the shaman you want to talk to. Look for his comments in previous posts and see if he’ll have something to talk about here. He’s very experienced and successful in M+ at high keys. Gron is the raid man who posts here really frequently.

Tell us all about the leveling experiences and heal some pugs and tell me how you like it in the leveling dungeons.


Thank you so, so very much! Luckily, my partner is going to be my tank so we’ll be able to communicate very well! He’s a Brewmaster Monk and I have yet to see how that pairs with Resto Shaman, but I feel like there can be some really good synergy there. I gave him a run down the other day of my cooldowns/Resto capabilities so it’ll be interesting to put that into action.

What tank does your group usually roll with?

I’ll definitely keep an eye out for those two you mentioned, I’ve seen Gron’s posts here and there so far!

60-80 is a level range I refuse to dungeon in any capacity, but Pandaria’s coming up. I’ve been feeling the lack of a tank cooldown much more in the lower levels, but ever since I got Spirit Link unlocked I’ve used that thing almost on cooldown. Usually when I see someone accidentally pulling some extra patrols I know I’m in for a damage spike for the tank and pop it down when that happens. It’s been great.


I love earth shield. I won’t ever tell someone to spec like I have because even though I’m playing a lot of the stuff I wanted to play now, I know there are higher-level folks who don’t ever use it. That said, it helps tremendously with spiky tank damage. I. Love. It.

If you ever hit a place in your monk’s leveling process where he just takes too much spiky damage, give it a try.

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Earthen Wall totem. My memory is shot regarding low levels but, with the monk stagger, the Earthen wall totem can Almost negate stagger damage completely. Which means you basically get a tank cd on a minute cd to stop most damage a brew master is suffering.

I prefer a good brew master compared to other tanks… just since I have a tank cd in my pocket.


I’m going to play around with that this weekend and try it out! Do you also use it in higher level content, or is the recommendation for the lower levels? I breezed through these levels it seems.

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Well this just warms my cold, jaded shaman heart. The family that plays together, stays together.

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That’s what my husband and I have said for the last 10 years. We met playing WoW lol.

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My apologies on being so late. I was on holidays, but to answer your question yes I still use it at the higher content. I think it might even be the best on the row for m+ anyway.

For monks specifically, mine would negate stagger completely until my brew master hit red stagger, which im sure you will know is pretty darn handy to counter on almost every single pull.

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I read this in James earl Jones voice and it was epic

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Everything the rain touches, is our kingdom.