So everyone's back to playing mage/priest again

Really stellar balance team. All the top groups are once again running mage/spriest/x for their comp.

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I assume this is a PVP thread…?

All these Warriors and DKS farming the legendary just to not get invited to keys. :dracthyr_hehe_animated: :dracthyr_yay_animated:

Why? Priest is bad and so is Mage relative to the current overlords of Warlock, Demon Hunter and Rogue.

No, it’s an m+ thread since they decided to buff the god comp back into existence.

Oh, interesting. I haven’t seen much about SPriest being godcomp and their representation in M+s over +30 is still pretty low.

But hey, now I know.

Just looking at the numbers I would have guessed Mage/Aug/and something else vs:

As a shadow main, shadow is NOWHERE NEAR as good as it was in S2. lol

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When did they buff those classes recently? The last class change I see is

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Jan 22, looks like.

It’s interesting to see how havoc and aug have been edged out in the last few weeks.


This balancing mess is just how it goes when they do crazy things like external buffs (PI) and strong class buffs (that double dip in some cases, mage buffs int which buffs aug’s buff which buffs mage more) and aug in general. DPS offhealing should also not be ignored when balancing like it currently is to an insane degree.

I played my SPriest recently, didnʻt notice any world changing differences.
But then again i donʻt play at M+ level.
I did enjoy vomiting a ton of shadow meʻs after i used shadow crash tho.

That’s not the verbage I would have used but yeah

Life is infinitely better when I don’t worry about what others do and just play with friends.


Dang, that’s a super interesting website. I’m surprised I’ve never seen it before. Thanks for sharing!

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Yeah, if I was playing in the top 2000 keys level, I’m sure I would feel differently.

Ret pally buffs :smiley: This is just speculation but I think lots of havoc dh players don’t like momentum gameplay and will happily swap to ret now that does similar dps and brings all the paladin things (which is related to the slight decline of prot paladin).

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What I don’t like is getting my tier set and suddenly having to change my entire talent tree, because they shoehorned me into Throw Glaive.

I quit playing my DH once I got the tier set.

I don’t think anyone who played DH pre-dragonflight likes the new playstyle very much. It’s polar opposite gameplay to what DH used to be.

Wut…? Spreists been put in Lowest ranking for M+ for ages??? What’s this “again” about?

If you look at last season, it was the same comp of mage/spriest/aug. It ended being the same comp again this season. For High Keys anyways.

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Ah. Surprising to know. Always hearing guildies and people lament about it